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New Glasses

I got some new fancy glasses. They’re very versatile. They can be sunglasses if it’s too shiny outside. They can be protective glasses if you are running through sprinklers. And, they can also be “look smart” glasses with which you can do things like read, teach, have a heated discussion, or sit in a meeting.

Picture 50-4

There’s this phrase that goes like this: “All seriousness aside.” You say it before you say another bunch of words, and it sounds special. Well, these glasses make me think of that phrase too. They are very serious glasses, but sometimes you just have to throw seriousness aside, stop intimidating people, and goofy around for a little bit.
Picture 51-3

They said on the box “one size fits all.” Maybe it should say “one size fits everyone a little differently.”
Picture 52-5

Speaking of Daddy, he builds spectacular towers. AND, he does it all while balancing his body on one side and building with just one hand. I’m in the apprenticeship stage of this skill.

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