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One day Mommy looked at me and realized that I am growing up really fast. It won’t be very long until I won’t be fitting in my wrestling uniform anymore. So, since she loves this uniform so much, she took me on a spontaneous photo shoot.
Picture 56-4

When it comes to photo shoots, I always try to do my best to contribute. Sometimes I’m behind the camera making the magic, and sometimes I’m in front of the camera being the magic. Being the magic takes a lot of practice and patience. Sometimes a person doesn’t feel like being magic but instead feels lots of grumpies inside. Ya know what? I have those days too, but with this photo shoot I was feeling extra creative. This pose is one that I thought up on the spot and I think it speaks of human balance and depth.
Picture 57-6

There is a time to be pose and a time to relax. There is a time to be serious and a time to say cheese. There is a time to be dramatic and a time to be cutie. I do “cutie” just for Mommy because I had a feeling that was what she was envisioning.

Picture 55-5
A successful photo shoot is one that ends with an open mouth smile. Giggles, tickles, and funny faces – those are the main redeeming factors of photo shoots. The rest of it is for the love of Mommy. What can I say? I’d eat a worm for that gal.

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