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Recently Mommy has been teaching me such wonderful new skills. Just when I think there’s nothing more to learn in life, I’m introduced to another magnificent part of being a person. Apparently, you can smoosh your face up to glass and resemble various animals. Pictured below: The Two Little Piggies Who Went to the Market. (Daddy snapped the picture before I could fully smoosh out a pig face).

Picture 81

I’m going to say that this one is a manatee because now that I see myself I imagine that this is what a manatee probably looks like. Title: Manatee That’s Hungry for Breakfast.

Picture 79-1

Then if you make the same face but just purse your lips a little you have a bunny. Maybe you’re thinking that this doesn’t quite look like a bunny. Don’t forget about the rare bunny breed called Bigbosebun. I think if you knew what I’m talking about you’d be amazed at the similarities in appearance. Title: Bunny, Bunny, Give Your Brother Some Licorice.
Picture 84-1

I know it might seem that all my smoosh faces look the same. That’s because smoosh-facing is a fine art that has very fine and hard to notice differences. In this picture I am an orange frog. Looking to the side is the detail that points to orange frog every time. Title: The Frog’s Not Grumpy Anymore.
Picture 85-4

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  1. rhi j September 25th, 2009 1:30 am

    brilliant. i’m honored to get to watch you grow up and experience this priceless story-telling. xoxo

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