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2 years of Abel

January 18 was the second anniversary of my mommy’s hard work to meet me and hug me and stuff. This one must be pretty special because there was fun thing after fun thing after fun thing. It all started out with The Birthday Morning. I got an extra special greeting from Mommy with a song. Then she made me oatmeal – pretty much everyone’s favorite breakfast. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Grampa comes out with a shiny balloon and a can of apple juice. A CAN of apple juice, folks.

Picture 1-43

I’ve never had the opportunity to drink out of a can before. It made me feel so mature and responsible. Grampa must really trust me. He trusts me to hold on to it with one hand and not spill. I had total freedom to spill because there was no sippy thing for protection. But, as a mature person, you have to make hard decisions. A lot of times those hard decisions revolve around whether or not to spill something.

Picture 2-41

Mommy and I made made these handsome/pretty birthday hats for everyone to wear throughout the day. The hat is handsome if you’re a man and pretty if you’re a lady. My friend Stephanie and I are perfect examples of how two similar hats can be both delicately pretty and utterly handsome.

Picture 3-45

At night time, my mommy and daddy threw together a last minute buddy party. The only reason these mommies are in this buddy picture is because they have little buddies growing inside their bellies, hence the belly hats. Please focus on the buddies and the bellies. As pretty as their faces are, they simply aren’t buddies.

Picture 4-42

Ice cream + everything on top + fire = a delicious and risky adventure.

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After every awesome birthday comes a normal boring day where it’s not a birthday anymore. Luuuuucky for me, I had a week of normal study and activity only to be surprised with ANOTHER birthday party at the end of the week. This one was for the fam. I’m a lucky guy, that’s for sure.

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