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I have an important announcement to make. I have new jammies. Personally, I think that is powerful enough on its own. I choose not to expand on the subject at this point.

Picture 74-1

Buuuuuut, I do have to point out that my jammies have ferocious dinosaurs printed on them. Roses, no. Strawberry Shortcake, no. Other pink things, no. Dinosaurs. I read yesterday that this particular type of dinosaur was the most feared. I know that T-rex dinosaurs have the scariest reputation, but this very true book highlighted this jammie dinosaur as the real bully of the dinos. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s good to be a bully. But, it’s different when you’re a dinosaur, and it’s different when you’re wearing jammies. You have to think about what everyone will think when they come to the house too early and accidentally see you in your jammies. They need to think you’re tough and not really in your jammies, so bully jammies really help in that area of life.

Picture 73-1

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My last month and a half

You may have thought, “What happened? Did Abel Justice all of a sudden grow up and move to Memphis for their famous ice cream?” Don’t worry folks. I’m still here, and my mommy has a baby in her belly. That’s why our computer time has been limited. I am too luvey to bug her about getting my blog ready for me to compose. A wise snail once told me, “Have patience, have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry…” That’s a song, and if you ever want to hear it, just do something impatient around Mommy. She’s sure to begin singing. Anyway, here’s a recap on my life during Mommy’s sick couch time.

Gramma D. showed me how to be an artist. She is the most fancy artist in our family, so it only makes sense that she would show me the ropes.

Picture 178

Daddy showed me how to blow bubbles. I guess I got showed a lot of stuff during the sick time. I had no idea, but I guess there’s a proper form to use when one is bubbling. I have demonstrated below.

1. Two is better than one. Whenever possible have one person focus on one bubble area while the other focuses on the other bubble area.
2. Make your mouth look like the bubble stick end.
3. Lean forward so that the bubbles don’t end up coming back into your nose crevices.

Picture 172

4. Then blow. Some people prefer the O shape while others like the line shape. Daddy and I have demonstrated each one for you.
5. Keep your toes and feet together so that bubbles don’t make you slip off of your daddy’s lap. I’ve had that happen before. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson.

Picture 173

And then there was the photo shoot. I make it a goal to never smile during a real photo shoot. Are you thinking I’m a meanie? Please, give me a chance. I’m not being meanie. I just have this strong, deep-rooted belief that real photo shoots should capture the side of me that most never get to see. Why have a photo shoot if it’s the same old stuff, right? I’m always smiling, so I like to mix it up and give my audience something fresh.

Picture 176

I was quickly able to convince the whole gang. See, isn’t this so interesting?

Picture 177

Just when you think I don’t have any new poses up my sleeve – BAM – the sophisticated, gentle professor.

Picture 174

Don’t mind this one. I know I’m smiling, and that’s the same ol’, same ol’. But, seriously, somebody tooted and I couldn’t believe that would ever happen during a photo shoot.

Picture 175