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Recently Mommy has been teaching me such wonderful new skills. Just when I think there’s nothing more to learn in life, I’m introduced to another magnificent part of being a person. Apparently, you can smoosh your face up to glass and resemble various animals. Pictured below: The Two Little Piggies Who Went to the Market. (Daddy snapped the picture before I could fully smoosh out a pig face).

Picture 81

I’m going to say that this one is a manatee because now that I see myself I imagine that this is what a manatee probably looks like. Title: Manatee That’s Hungry for Breakfast.

Picture 79-1

Then if you make the same face but just purse your lips a little you have a bunny. Maybe you’re thinking that this doesn’t quite look like a bunny. Don’t forget about the rare bunny breed called Bigbosebun. I think if you knew what I’m talking about you’d be amazed at the similarities in appearance. Title: Bunny, Bunny, Give Your Brother Some Licorice.
Picture 84-1

I know it might seem that all my smoosh faces look the same. That’s because smoosh-facing is a fine art that has very fine and hard to notice differences. In this picture I am an orange frog. Looking to the side is the detail that points to orange frog every time. Title: The Frog’s Not Grumpy Anymore.
Picture 85-4

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Grampa V. and me

First of all…yes, this is me post haircut. Sorry to make you wait. As I mentioned before, all of my updates are dependent on Mommy’s camera. I can’t be held accountable for late updates or lack of posts. I’m only working with what I’m given, folks.

Picture 76

Second of all, this is Grampa V. whose rap name is Bop-pa. I love the guy, I really do. We get each other in a way that is special to light-haired people. I read somewhere that light-haired people should hang out and do yard work together as much as possible because something very beneficial-for-the-human-race happens when such a thing occurs. Therefore, I try to follow him around during most of my free time. He hasn’t read that light-haired article yet, so he doesn’t follow me around in the same manner. Give him time. He will soon understand.

Picture 77

When we hang out together sitting down, we usually end up reading to each other. If he’s the one saying the words, we read colorful books about wonderful animals, amazing shapes, and hilarious things. If I’m the one saying the words, we focus on more academic works like word magazines or boringful books that don’t draw anything out. Good relationships are all about compromise. The first rule to compromise is “Don’t be a meanie, and take a second to think about what books your friend might want to look at and listen to.”

Picture 78

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Goofy things

Where’s Abel? I only see a crab that has a face like Abel’s. Huh, what a coincidence. I guess even crabs can be good-looking and more wise than normal.

Picture 73

Here I am. I know, did you see that crab too? Wow, I was stunned by its agility and compassion. Well, you wouldn’t know those things unless you were here in person, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. By the way, these pictures are obviously pre-haircut. If that makes you grumpy, you will have to put some pressure on Mommy to bring out the camera again.
Picture 74

When saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I heard that you’re supposed to put your arm across your chest and look serious. I was able to master the arm motion but couldn’t quite figure out the serious part. I really did try but I guess I have too many giggles stored up in my cheeks.

Picture 72-1

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Steps to kid-manness

You probably take one look at this picture and think, “Whoa get those locks under control. They are just way too handsome for a mere pre-kid man. Well, I have a couple of things to say about that. First, I got a haircut*** yesterday and am looking less hairy but even more good-looking. But, about that pre-kid man thing. It won’t be long, folks. I’m not saying that I’ve definitely transferred over to kid-man status, but it’s coming and it’s coming fast. My haircut didn’t slow that transition down one bit because boy am I looking mature. Not only do I look more mature, I actually am beginning to have all kinds of advice for people running through my wise head.

***post hair cut photos are coming soon.

Picture 38-6

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