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Teasing stuff

Probably my favorite thing on all the earth is to tease mommy. Sometimes she can act strong, stay unsmiling, and maintain her facade of “that’s not funny.” But uuuuusally, I get her and she has to giggle until I’m not funny anymore. If you’re ever in the mood to tease your mommy but you’re also feeling completely dry of ideas, use this one. It never fails.

Scenario: Mommy is trying to talk to you. Just look at her, don’t say anything and don’t move. Just stick out the funniest tongue you have. Freeze and wait for it. Don’t give in because you never know how long it will take to be funny. Just trust me. In your mind say “Just trust bust” (That’s a little wise saying that I came up with when I need to remember to relax and wait. Everything is more powerful if it rhymes).

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GP-D. That’s his rap name. Whenever we first see each other and feel a little shy and too cool for school, we start out by calling each other our rap names. That puts it out there that we’re tough manly men before the mushy gushy stuff begins. My rap name is top secret. I reserve it only for those times when people need to know how manly I am.

Anyway. Grampa D. is his luvey name. Ode to Grampa: You tease me. I like that. You are the OG of silliness. Thank you for passing along that admirable quality to me. Surely, the world is a better place because of our sillies.

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More ode: You make my dimples laugh. That’s when you know the silliness has reached its final level – the dimples.

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The rest of the ode: You let me do crazy and secret things like sit in my toy drawer. No way is that place made for pre kid men, but you break all the rules when it comes to fun. That’s the stuff heros are made of.

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Most embarrassing moment

Everybody’s got to have a favorite most embarrassing moment. Well, unfortunately I haven’t had mine yet in my little life. Jabel Mustice, on the other hand, has already had several – many of which I’ve had the privilege of blogging about. Don’t worry. I do have his written consent on file.

Well, this one is a dusey, folks. It was our very first sleep over. We were peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden I wake up to sadful cries next to me. Jabel was wriggling all around like his tummy was really really owie. I promptly alerted Mommy. She always knows what to do in scary situations. She rushed him to the toilet thinking that maybe he just had to poo poo. (I repeat. I do have written consent). As he recounted later, sitting on the toilet really did feel much better. So better that he ended up falling asleep on Mommy! On the pottie! Oh man. I’m never going to let him live this one down.

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An important transition

I’ve been avoiding this topic for a long time now, but really it’s the smelly diaper in the room. I’m not much of a baby-man any more, am I? I’ve been so attached to this stage in my life that I’ve been reluctant to move on. I don’t use bottles, I say stuff, I walk around, I get mad and show it in special ways, I wore a hole in my shoes. And the biggy of them all: I wear my towel around my waist. At this age, the hoodie towels just can’t contain me after a bath.

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There’s the baby-baby and after that the baby-man. And now, may I introduce to you publicly, for the first time, Abel Justice, the pre-kid-man. I’m not a baby-man for the aforementioned reasons. But, I’m also not a kid-man yet because I’m still kinda smooshy. Pre-kid-men have much of the greatness of baby-men but also many of the hidden abilities of the kid-men.

Now that I found the courage to actually write about this, I’m feeling much better about being a pre-kid-man. If there’s anyone out there who are experiencing the same difficult transition, please feel free to call my mommy and ask for me. I would love to help you with my new found knowledge.

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