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Playground stuff

So I guess there’s this thing that every kid is supposed to enjoy – playgrounds. Me, I guess I tend to go against the grain. Buuuuut, I do like to encourage Mommy. She seemed pretty excited about these swings, so I did my best to comply. Really this is the best I could do. They say I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Picture 6-38

Mommy, do you think you could help me out a bit? This is sign language for “pretty please with ice cream on top.” I chose ice cream because that’s Mommy’s fave. With signing, you always need to keep your audience in mind.

Picture 14-11

Ok, just because I’m smiling, it doesn’t mean that I changed my mind. Translation: if you ever happen to come across me and we just happen to be in a playground, don’t think that I will want to be placed in a swing just because of how my face looks in this photo. It was a moment that cannot be duplicated.

Picture 13-16

Now this is more like it. A crawl tube is much more my style. I have control. My feet, belly, or whatever I want is grounded. And, I feel like I’m scuba-diving because of the blue all around. I feel adventurous, thoughtful, and rather muscular as I make my way through the challenging obstacles.

Picture 7-24


Keeping fit

If you’re fancy, you go to Laguna Beach. If you’re fancy pants, you also do your exercises at the beach. If you’re fancy all over you do Tai Chi.

Picture 9-19

But, if you’re a baby-manly-man, you do Tai Chi while holding some sort of sword/stick. You never know – a rabbit, cow, or trout might walk by and you will want to quickly hunt it in order to feed your family that night.

Picture 8-25

While doing Tai Chi, always try to focus on some sort of serious thing. I like to think of cheerios without milk or bananas. Just dry, plain, and hardy – very not distracting.

A quick “what what” to Grandma D. You are my Tai Chi hero.

Picture 4-36

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No, I didn’t go back to Uganda. I’m still home. Sorry for the confusion. I’m behind in my updates. Please be patient with me. I’ve been very busy with baby-man tasks – walking, getting cheerios out of a bowl by myself, going poopie. Ya know.

Picture 21-11

Oh, I didn’t tell you that we brought Jabel Mustice with us? We’re pretty much inseparable.

Picture 19-8

These are the House of Hope kids and me. Finally I met some people who can keep up with me in the dance department! These kids really know how to break it down.

Picture 29-3

Look, I know that I have a mean face on. Try to look beneath the surface. What’s really going on in this picture? Imagine this scenario: I am surrounded by nine new friends and suddenly I see a giant gecko on the camera man’s head. He’s not your ordinary gecko either. Beneath his “cute” exterior I could sense his meanie intentions of biting my friend’s ear. Who would be next? Was he capable of more than biting? All that to say, that intense Abel face is simply the look I have when I’m planning how to save the human race.

Picture 31-3


Where’s Abel?

I know it’s hard to see me in this picture. Let me give you a hint. I’m the one with the green and brown stripes on.

Picture 28-2

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