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Happy Labor Day, Mommy!

No need to sing me a song, it’s already gone and past. I turned 1, and I did it Ugandan style. This is my Ugandan family at my Ugandan birthday party. I know it looks like I’m trying to escape this picture, but try to give me the benefit of the doubt. What if I was trying to rescue a mommy from stepping on a spike or something. That looks like a “watch out” face if you ask me.

Picture 20-8

Then this is earlier in the birthday when I was making smiley faces for mommy. I think I sensed her reminiscing about my coming-in-to-the-world-day, and I thought I should remind her of how sweet, precious, and lovable I am.

Picture 22-10

Cutie baby-man faces totally outweigh 54 hours of labor, right Mommy?

Picture 24-6

Aaaaaaand I’m helpful too. I’ve pretty much gone with you to every wedding you photographed this year. There aren’t that many baby-men who can say that. I’m willing to go the extra mile. I think it runs in the family, and I’m not just trying to butter you up.

Picture 25-2


Welcome home, myself.

Did you miss me? Me and the fam went on a tall trip to a far away place. But, I’m back now and enough about me. Fun fact: It’s my Grandma’s birthday today. I gave her a couple presents.

1. I made a special grandma birthday t-shirt out of paper.
2. I stood on my tippy toes as much as possible throughout the day. I heard grandmas like that type of thing.
3. I took every opportunity to make large smiley faces.

Picture 18-8

Take this picture for example. I don’t just do normal smiles every time. I try to mix it up. Ya know, keep ’em guessing.

Picture 17-14


Leroy the new guy

Sorry for the suspense. I told you all that I’d share about my very first Christmas present, and then I just left you hangin’. Well, here he is. His name is Leroy. Mommy and Daddy say he’s my new best friend, but I’m not so sure about that. I’m the type of baby-man who needs a little time to warm up.

Picture 33-2

Actually, I opened the present up, took one look, and said very politely “no thank you.” Apparently, that’s not how Christmas presents work. Honestly, he’s cool and all. I just feel a little threatened. You know how I get when a new teddy-guy comes on the scene. I’m always a little suspicious of teddy-guys and their possible Mommy-stealing motives.

Picture 31-2

But I’m starting to think Leroy is alright. I think he could sense the tension and you know what he did in response? He gave me a kissie!

Picture 34-3

I’m not ashamed to hand out a few kissies where kissies are due. So far I’ve only given kissies to Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Auntie Heidi’s dog, so I hope Leroy knows how much I went out on a limb for our new friendship.

Picture 32-2

I know this looks a little over the top. But let me explain. Baby-men don’t give kissies like grown-ups do. We go straight for the nose and anything else that happens to get in the way of the nose. I open my mouth up as big as it can get because that’s how noses like to be kissied. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

Picture 36-5

All that to say, meet Leroy. It was an arranged friendship that started out rocky, then got kissie, then got rocky again, and now he’s sitting up in my Mommy’s closet until I don’t have the urge to bite his hair off. So, I guess you could say that we’re taking a break in our relationship. It’s not permanent, but I think it’ll be good for us to have some distance.

Picture 38-1

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Happy New Year!

For New Years I went to the mountains to hang out with some friends. That includes Mommy and Daddy, of course, because they’re my numero unos. The best and worst part was the snow. Best because it ended up being a great experience. Worst because I definitely was nervous. Whenever Daddy takes me out to do something daring, I look forward with my look of braveness. But, then I always have the comfort of looking over Daddy’s shoulder to show Mommy the scary feelings I might be feeling.

Picture 10-20

When we actually got to the drop zone, I did my best to look muscular and brave, but I couldn’t hide it and my sad face just burst right on through.

Picture 4-34

Daddy tried to whisper sweet luvies in my ear, but it just didn’t work. I needed a break to take a breather. Thankfully Daddy has the muscles to be able to lift me up and help me rise above the situation.

Picture 5-43

We tried it again, and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. Folks, I definitely recommend snow. Try it out when you get the chance.

Picture 6-37

After only a couple minutes I was feeling like a pro. I took a couple steps, hanging on with only one hand – one hand folks. I think I even pivoted once or twice.

Picture 7-22

Ok, Mommy always has her camera. I used to smile or pretend she wasn’t there, acting natrually. But I’ve progressed. Now, I know how to work the camera. Moody, serious, thoughtful – these are advanced picturing skills. 11 1/2 months of experience is how a baby-man achieves such a professional level.

Picture 8-23

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