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More new things

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my baby to man growth chart of milestones. First of all, I’ve been teaching myself how to play the piano. You might be tempted to nickname me Babetoven or something, but it’s not like that. Right now I’m working on a little song by Nora Jones cause that’s my Mommy’s favorite. See, nothin’ fancy.

Picture 3-32

Second, I have almost completely mastered the sippee cup. A little late, you say? Well, it’s not my drink of choice. I was fine with milk all day every day, but Mommy suggested that I expand my horizons.

Picture 4-30

Third, I’m also a pro at sharing. If you come over to visit, I’ll give you a little bit of whatever I’m having.

Picture 5-40

Fourth, I have mastered the art of the the man cup. Look, I know I said I just learned about the sippee cup. That doesn’t mean I’m confined to it, right? Honestly, the sippee cup was just for Mommy. I’ve had my eyes on the man cup for several weeks now.

Picture 7-21

And now for the big finale. Drumroll please…….I can stand all by myself! No couches, no chairs, no nothin’. Well, I do need a little help getting up to this position. But, once I’m up there, I’m golden for at least 5 seconds.

Picture 8-19

Every amazing feat needs an equally incredible action shot to prove its daringness. Note the determination, concentration, and muscle-ation captured in this photo.

Picture 9-15


My Best Bud

Look, I know I’ve called a lot of people my best friend. I realize that can be confusing. Please don’t be offended if you are one of those people. Know that I love you all. My heart is big enough for many best friends of all different shapes and sizes. But this is different. Meet Cuz D. That’s just his slang name. His scientific name is Dominic, but that’s way too many syllables. I prefer to be more efficient.

Picture 2-27

I look up to Cuz D. He’s already a full grown kid-man. There’s a lot that goes into arriving at that stage, and I’m not afraid to throw around a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Picture 5-39

There’s also not that many people who would understand the persistence of my mommy’s camera. When we’re both tired of smiling, Cuz D gives me a little squeeze. We both know that squeeze means, “Dude, I’m tired too, but we can do this. Just one more grin.”

Picture 3-31

That kind of encouragement is just what I need. We both perk up, take it like kid-men, and give Mommy the best smiles she’s ever seen.

Picture 4-29

Ok, you think I’m a ham? Where do you think I learn all my skills? Meet my mentor, Mr. Easter Ham with stuffing and mashed potatoes!

Picture 6-33

Cuz D always finds a way to be there when I need him most. For example, we were crossing the street today. In all the commotion, no one even thought to hold my hand when we crossed the street. Seriously, what if I found a lady bug in the middle of the street and had to bend down and look at it. I’d be a street pancake! But, Cuz D looked over, assessed the situation, and quickly remedied it with a very professional “cross the street” hand hold. Thanks, Cuz D, I can always count on you.

Picture 7-20

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Snow baby-man

It’s been a week and I have gone and come back again. Where you ask? Good ol’ Michigan. Since I didn’t document my trip, I figured you might have a hard time believing me. So here’s my proof. Me and Mommy in snow! I know what you’re thinking. What if I just went up to the mountains? How can you really be sure it’s genuine Michigan white stuff? Well, I had a feeling you’d think that so I spent my entire Michigan time asking people to train me on wolverine faces. Only Michigan people can do wolverine faces. Take one look at my mug and try to argue that I haven’t been trained by the best.

Picture 13-9

Michigan people are also the most highly skilled figure skaters. I learned their secret. They practice their formations on the snow before taking them to the ice. If a man is a really muscular and amazing skater-hero then he can bust out formations without his lady partner even knowing. This is actually my first attempt with such a feat. The pros call this formation the “Cheek squishing lovely swan.” Of course Mommy is the lovely swan and my masculinity does the cheek squishing and stuff.

Picture 12-8

I guess first time’s a charm and second time’s a flop. This time I tried the oh-so-serious pose entitled “The weather of my heart” (It’s art. It doesn’t necessarily make sense unless you’re artsy). Well, my lady partner didn’t catch on so quickly this time. Mommy kept asking if I was okay.

Figure skating tip: If your lady partner misses your lead, just hold your pose and the onlooker will think that you were having a moment of creativity captured best by solo improv.

Picture 7-19

Please don’t look at this next picture and think my mommy is mean. Yes, I am shoeless. Yes, it’s antartica outside. Yes, even manly babies need warm piggies. But, worry not. I am double-socked. My new fancy brown shoes were missing in action, so a mommy did what a mommy had to do.

Note to concerned citizens: My shoes are now safely at home. Thank you for your passionate pursuit that brought these little guys back to the only chubby piggies who can truly appreciate them.

Picture 8-18

Pictured here: Falling snow and cold baby face.

Picture 10-15


Still goin’ strong

Days without incident: 21

That’s right folks. Three weeks and no poopie diaper. Just in case you don’t believe that a baby-man my age could achieve such a feat, I found this picture of my best friend Jabel Mustice. He happens to be the exact same age as me with the exact same talents and abilities. That’s why we’re best friends, I guess. Me, I’m too embarrassed to post a picture of myself on the potty. But this guy is fearless.

Picture 8-17


For picture’s sake

Well. I don’t have a whole lot of purpose in posting this picture. But, here are some random facts about it.

1. Grandma Vis is far away and she probably misses my cute mug. Here’s to you G-ma!
2. This picture kinda looks like it was taken in the 80’s. I definitely wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I’ve seen my daddy’s baby pictures and he seems to stare off in the distance and then up to the corner just like I am here. I am a versatile baby-man. I can do 00’s and 80’s. Haven’t tried 90’s, but it can’t be that hard.


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