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Ba-Bye fancy hair

Ok, please don’t freak out. Yes, I’m getting a haircut. But, that does not mean I’m only a man. I’m still mostly baby. Grandpa, Grandma, I repeat – I’m still mostly baby.

Picture 1-30

This was all a little new for me, as you can imagine. It really helped to be able to wear this super hero cape. Man, those hair stylists are smart. They really know how to make people feel brave.

Picture 4-27

Pictured here: Taking it like a man.

Picture 5-37

Pictured here: Starting to take it like a baby-man.

Picture 6-31

Um. Daddy was nervous, so Gigi let him wear a super hero cape too. And, I held him close and squeezed his hand when I saw the “I’m kinda scared” twinkle in his eye.

Picture 8-16

I like this picture. It’s a good action shot. It really captures the progression from mullet to GQ.

Picture 9-13

Finally Daddy’s nervousness just overcame him and I had to step up my luviness to a new level. I said, “Gigi, I gotta lose this cape and take control. Can you cut my hair while I hug my daddy?” She’s one talented gal. She was actually able to pull it off.

Picture 10-14

You’re probably thinking, “Whoa buddy, you’re going to break her necklace.” Relax. Me and Gigi are best buds. Well, “best” might be an exaggeration since we just met. But, either way we have an understanding. I let her cut my fancy mullet, and she lets me pull her necklace and call her Gige (pronouced jeej).

Picture 11-10


The secret to my muscles

Every once in a while I like to work out. A little lifting, jogging, and aerobics. Yes, aerobics. There’s nothing wrong with a baby-man doing aerobics. If anyone tells you it’s just for girls, turn around and walk the other way. It’s not worth the fight. They don’t realize that some of the buffest men in the universe do aerobics. Who? you ask. I’m not telling. I told you, I don’t want to fight about it.

Picture 5-35

Yesterday I debuted my mullet. Today I bring you the faux-halk with a little wing action on the side. My sweat-so-much headband really adds to the hipness of my look. Then you gotta have the teddy-guy pockets. Those come in handy when you are lifting 100 lb. dumbbells and you need to quick use both hands to wave furiously. I just stick those bad boys in my pockets, and I’m good to go.

Picture 6-30


Baby steps into manhood

Whenever I travel, people always say how much I grow and stuff. This time I’d have to agree with everyone. On a scale from baby to man, I’m definitely 5 yards closer to the man side. Let me explain with the following examples:

1. I can now climb trees. That’s not a baby game. That’s something solely reserved for men who are musclely and aren’t afraid of things. With my trusty turtle shoes and handy pincher fingers, I can scale just about anything.

Picture 10-13

2. Let’s put it this way – babies eat mooshy gooshy jar food. Men eat very hard substances like apples for instance.

Picture 7-17

3. Babies have no hair, or if they do have hair it is completely unruly. Well, men don’t only have hair, they have hair styles. May I point your attention to the fancy mullet hiding behind my ear in this picture. Most people have to pay the big bucks for do’s like this. Me – I grow fancy mullets naturally.

Picture 8-15

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What shoes say about a man

Only a strong, buff man can wear turtles on his shoes. Just look at them. They look like they’re ready to take on the world. That’s how I feel. Well, maybe I don’t appear that eager in this picture, but a guy has to refuel a bit too, ya know.

Picture 3-27

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Poopie anyone?

Maybe there’s something about traveling that makes me really courageous. But, I just have three words for you: Abel, poopie, toilet. I’ll let you connect the dots. Two times in one week.

Picture 13-8


Tis the Season

October comes around, and you just gotta. That’s what I hear anyway. You gotta do the “smile and look like you accidentally sat in the middle of a perfectly situated pile of pumpkins.”

Picture 6-28

I know, sounds cheesy. I guess that’s why they have you say “cheese” when this whole incident occurs. I make it more manly and cool by singing “Eye of the Tiger.” Duh. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuuuh.

Picture 4-24

When things start to feel too cheesy to be safe, I like to throw in a little surprise. A little boo will go a long way. It makes everyone jump and giggle a bit.

Picture 9-11

Act natural. That’s easier said than done. If anyone ever tells you that, just look down and to the side. It’s much easier to appear natural when you’re not looking directly into the camera.

Picture 10-12

Ugh…I ate too much for dinner. Hehe. Sometimes the cheese wears off when you’re in this situation too long. I apologize.

Picture 14-4

When we were finished cheesing, I helped daddy move the perfectly situated pumpkins. I’d like to say that I lifted this huge pumpkin all by myself, but really I could only carry it for about 20 miles. Then Daddy had to take over. A manly man cannot push his limits.

Picture 12-6

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Strong and Brave

I always make sure Daddy’s holding my hand when we cross the street. You just never know what kind of crazy drivers might be flying by. I call it defensive walking.

Picture 1-28

I really have nothing to say about this picture other than that we’re handsome and strong looking.

Picture 2-24

Yes, it looks like we are falling. And, yes, we did fall over. But as you can see it was a joyous ride on the way down.

Picture 4-23

Sometimes I get embarrassed when Mommy catches these luvey moments between Daddy and I. But, then Daddy debriefs me and helps me realize that only the strongest and bravest men are luvey.

Picture 5-32

I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been out and not had our picture taken. That’s serious moment-capturing.

Picture 6-27

Mommy was trying to hula hoop me. That made me laugh so hard. Who’d ever heard of such a thing!

Picture 8-13

A good ending to every blog post: Mommy and Abel luvey time. Luviness comes naturally to mommies. I think that’s how strong and courageous sons turn into luvey big people. I have a good head start.

Picture 9-10

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Sneaky food

I am proud to tell you that I finally took the solid food leap of faith. I decided that I wasn’t giving it a fair trial. I needed to have a more open heart. So, I changed my attitude and tried again. You know what? I like it.

But, I have discovered that solid food in general has quite a wiley personality. Just when I get it close to my mouth, it jumps out of my hands and often lands on the floor. Don’t worry, where there is a problem, there is a solution. (That’s a little wise saying I made up for when my teddy guys are feeling sad.)

I have veggies figured out. As soon as I can get a good grip, I ram them into my mouth and have the other hand right behind for backup. Thanks guys.

Picture 4-22

Cheerios are a different story. Just when I am beginning to enjoy them, they disappear. It leaves me guessing every time. Didn’t I just have that little guy in my hand? Then – boom – no where to be seen. I’ll have to get back to you on this one. I’m assuming I’m not alone in this dilemma.

Picture 5-31

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