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San Fran remembered

We’ve been home for a couple days now. But, those San Francisco streets have stayed with me. I think my legs still hurt from walking up and down. I know in this picture it looks like I didn’t do much walking. Well, that’s because Mommy gave me a break and let me ride for a little. But don’t think I didn’t do my fare share of climbing.

Picture 1-1

Mommy was a little scared of the big city, so she strapped me to her chest to scare off the meanies. Camo pants, biceps that can’t be contained, and a “step off, brotha” look that could scare Hulk Hogan. That’s what I call protection.

Picture 4

My daddy loves Mommy too, so he decided to join in on the intimidation. I know my face doesn’t look very hard here, but look beneath the surface. My hands are in my mouth to remind the meanies that I have some very sharp baby teeth.

Picture 8-1

As you can see, I have my rocker shirt on. That’s because I heard that San Fran is a good place to sit on a corner and show off your music skills.

Picture 6-2

When you’re playing music on a street corner, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little dance too. That just proves to your listeners that your music is catchy. And, since your listeners are probably dying to dance, it helps you relate to them. It makes them feel known and understood.

Picture 7

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Baby-Baby sitting

Yesterday was my last day babysitting the twins. As you can see, they’re not quite as skilled as me. But, do give them grace. They are baby-babies whereas I’ve graduated from the baby-baby stage to just baby.

Picture 8-9

When you’re a baby-baby, you wear clothes that are too big for you. That’s because your diaper often explodes and you need room for the extra contents. Now that I’m a baby, I get to wear tighter muscle shirts.

Picture 7-12

When it was nap time, the kids were crying and crying. They just didn’t want to stop playing with me. So, as their elder and example, I decided to pretend to sleep so that they could follow suit.

Picture 1-24

Since Cody is a boy, I thought maybe I’d teach him one or two wrestling moves. I was going to start our wrestling lesson with a surprise body slam. But, I guess baby-babies don’t wrestle because Daddy caught me mid-air and told me “no, no.”
Picture 2-20

I know what you’re thinking. “Whoa, is Cody conscious? He is so still” Yeah, that’s what I wondered too. But, don’t worry. I checked his pulse and it was just fine. By the way, when a baby takes someone’s pulse, he has to use his middle and ring finger. It simply allows for more control.
Picture 3-23

I like Joslyn and stuff, but Cody is a boy. We can relate to each other in a special way. Tomorrow I think I’ll talk to him about if he wants to be my best bud.
Picture 4-17

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Abel Doubtfire

My Uncle-ie Steve and Auntie Julie asked me to come up to San Fran this weekend and babysit my new twin cousins. I’ve never babysat before, but seeing as how I am a baby I decided to knock their socks off with my caregiving skills.

Picture 9-6
I know it looks like I’m neglecting them here, but actually they fell asleep. I ended up having a lot of free time.

Picture 1-23

Well, I guess “free time” isn’t exactly my favorite thing. It quickly turned into bored time. I even made a few loud noises to see if I could accidentally wake them up. No way, Jose. They’re pros at this sleeping thing.
Picture 2-19

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Milk Please

Last Sunday, I tried to welcome a huge milestone. Big people food. I say “try” because I’m not sure it went so well.

Picture 3-22

I really don’t know what all the hype is about. It was yucky. Actually, the whole experience left me quite concerned. My eating future doesn’t seem as fun as I thought it would be.

Picture 6-21

What’s wrong with milk? I’m a simple guy. I don’t require much. Maybe Mommy didn’t realize that about me. We’ll have to have a little talk, I guess.

Picture 4-16


F is for Beach Day

Family time at the beach today. I’ve been before, but this is my first time playing in the water. I thought I’d start out with a little jog up and down the shoreline. Family, fitness, and fun – three things that always go so nicely together. Someone should make a more clever cliché out of that. My idea, all yours, free of charge. You don’t even have to quote me.

Picture 23-3

Family, fitness, fun, freezing, and a little freakout. Just little though. I recovered quickly.

Picture 20-2

Nap doesn’t start with “f”. But, needless to say, I had to go for it anyway. reFresh. There you go.

Picture 21-3

A strong, handsome, mysterious, sombreroed man. Who is he? What could he be thinking? How many push-ups can he do? What does he think about the environment? Does his mommy sing songs to him? The world may never know.

Picture 22-3


A Seige

Today Daddy left the house, and all of a sudden I got a mischievous bug in me. I’ve been eyeing his man-man chair for a long time. It sits so grand and grown-up over there in the corner. I just had to try it out. Don’t tell.

Picture 7-10

When Daddy is a man in his chair, he does this thing where he rocks back and forth. I tried it and got a little carried away. I almost fell overboard. I’ll admit, I was a little scared by the incident. However, I think I reacted more maturely than I usually would. Man chairs seem to emit some sort of courage fume. No wonder Daddy is so brave.

Picture 8-8

Don’t think I’m a wimp. This chair is much higher than you would guess. I know that you can’t really tell by looking at this picture just how immense it is. That’s why I made this face for you. I hope by this point in our blogging journey you can trust me enough to know that my face never exaggerates.

Picture 9-5

During my stay in the man-man chair, I had much time to practice my mountaineering skills. Whenever you’re at great heights, there’s often the temptation to look over the edge even though you know it could be dangerous. Here’s a hint on how to get the best of both worlds: safety and adventure. Just drop to your belly and shimmy to the edge. It’ll balance out your weight and make you feel much more secure.

Picture 10-8

The man-man chair brings a bit of freedom that I never get to experience in my baby-man chair. In my baby-man chair, my legs are pretty limited. Here I can do whatever I want. I can dangle them, kick them, or eat them. You would think this usually out of reach freedom would make me resent my baby-man chair. Don’t worry. Over the months, I’ve learned to be content with where I am in life. Just one step at a time. I’m a baby-man right now. And I plan on being the best baby-man I can be.

Picture 12-3

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Upon first glance, this picture doesn’t look all that impressive. Let me blow it up for you and show you the point of intrigue.

Picture 4-14

These are my lips in their relaxed state. After a long day of talking, this is how they recoup. I’m not sure if all lips know how to do this or if I’ve been blessed with really smart lips. They know when they need a break, and they know how to do it. I think in today’s world a lot of lips let themselves get too tired, always working with no Sabbath. My lips just want to create good habits and start them early.
Picture 3-20

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I often get very absorbed in my tasks when I’m in my work station. Mommy is always commenting that I’m so busy. I take that as a compliment since I really want to be diligent with my time. But, she says it so much that yesterday I decided to surprise her. She happened to repeat the phrase while turned away from me. So when she looked over at me, I made a mad scientist face. At first she was kinda shocked, but then she burst out laughing. I laughed too and we went on like that for what seemed like four hours.

Picture 3-19

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No Holds Barred

At bedtime Daddy often has too much energy to even think of going to sleep. When this happens he usually teases me until we end up wrestling. It’s all in good fun – don’t worry. Wrestling is a good way to go from hyper to sleepy. It really should be a part of every man’s goodnight routine. I call this move the “don’t even think about it” choke hold.

Picture 1-20

This is another little trick of mine. I came up with it and am in the process of branding it for the Professional’s Handbook to Wrestling. I call it the “what’d you say?” hold. You use it when your opponent is trying to trash talk. I simply reach down and grab the tongue until he gives me the eyes of surrender. With every move, it’s very important to keep a straight face. You want your opponent to know you mean business.
Picture 2-16

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Sometimes a little mischief brews around these parts, and I have to take out my detective hat to get to the bottom of things. When you spy, it’s important to be as hidden as possible. Right now I have a hard time getting into those tough secret spots, so Daddy and I make them for ourselves. He lets me duck behind is arms, and he hides behind his hair. When I get hair, I think I’ll do that too. It’s so versatile.

Picture 9-2

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