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Practice Makes Perfect

Over the weeks I’ve only improved my rolling over skills. I think I’m pretty far along for my age. But, here’s the secret to my success: I find a reference point on the ceiling. That way I am sure to rotate with supreme accuracy. I achieve my desired destination 87% of the time. That’s pretty good for a guy with my limited experience.

Picture 5-25

Since Mommy and Daddy have been taking me swimming a lot, I can’t just sit by ignore the need for swimming lessons. When I do something, I like to give it my all. Daddy can tell that I mean business, so he agreed to help me practice my diving technique before I hit the waves.
Picture 10-7

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Rubber Ducky Time

Honestly, I wasn’t all that dirty. The real reason Mommy gave me a bath was so that I could fix her sink. Isn’t that funny? All she had to do was ask. No need to bribe me; I’m always willing to help my favorite lady.

I realize that by saying this I’ll probably start to get a lot of sink repair requests from my readers. You know what? I’m willing to help non-my-mommy people. Just be aware that I have limited experience.

Picture 17-4

I’m pretty confused about something. You see, I’ve discovered that I’m really talented in the sink-fixing area. I could help so many people with my talent. And yet it just isn’t my passion. What really makes me feel alive is when I’m sitting in my work station helping all the different toys interact and understand each other. I guess you could say I’m more into building bridges than sinks.
Picture 16-4

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The Morning Routine

I’m kinda shy to share these next couple of photos. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so clothes-less on my blog. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. So, it would be really encouraging to get some feedback. If when you’re browsing you happen to notice a handsome muscle, maybe you could give me some kind words.

Picture 11-6

When Mommy is busy moving her hair around and doing stuff to her face, she puts my man chair in front of the mirror. I enjoy this special time. It’s like alone time for extroverts. I get to be left to my thoughts and still have the illusion that there’s more than just me. There are two me’s. So, if I have a confusing situation, I can bounce it off myself and get some great encouragement.
Picture 6-18

Mommy has this secret dream to be a ballerina. At this point that doesn’t really interest me, but I love her so much that I’m willing to point my toes to show her that I understand her. You know, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Picture 5-24

I also like to use this time to warm up my music. Harmonica happens to be my instrument of choice at the moment. I don’t actually have one to practice with. But, I find that if I make all the right motions and buzz my lips together I’m still able to get the feel of the song.

Picture 10-6


Three Bummers

Daddy is gone for a couple days. Mommy is sick. And I am sad about my teeth. The only normal person around here is Grandma. Thanks for putting up with all of our tears, drool, and whines. We owe you big time.

Picture 14

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Call Me Nemo

Look, I know my swim trunks are a little short. They’re also poofy, red, and have flowers on them. Let me explain. Babies are allowed to wear whatever length they want. It’s one of the perks. The poofiness – no explanation. Red with flowers? It’s a Hawaiian thing, and that’s totally acceptable in the manly category.

Picture 10-5

When Mommy told me that we were going swimming for the first time, I’ll be honest I was a little nervous. But, I think I handled my nerves well. I played it off and fooled everyone into thinking that I’m a swimming pro.
Picture 6-17
I guess even Mommy was fooled. She challenged me to a race. Here’s the kicker – she said Butterfly stroke only. Oh no. I’ve seen people do it before but never tried it myself. Folks, it’s not as easy as they make it look.
Picture 24-1

After I bombed the Butterfly stroke, I think Mommy was embarrassed for me. So, she let me have a little time to myself.

Picture 16-3

Um…nobody told me that they make water man chairs. This could very possibly change my whole outlook on water sports. I’m really good at this one.
Picture 23-2

I was walking around all cuddled in a cocoon with Mommy, completely enjoying myself when we turned around and saw the camera. I felt a bit sheepish. At least we were using Daddy’s manly towel. I think it highlights my strong jawline and muscles.
Picture 5-23
Not again, you say. Yeah, we’re playing Charades. We can’t get enough! But this time it’s different because we were allowed to use words. Daddy challenged me to act like a Valley Girl. I hope he didn’t say that because he was making fun of my manly swim trunks.
Picture 22-2

My cousin is letting me borrow his work station. Finally! Now I can get things done so much more efficiently. I get distracted easily, but I find that if I purse my lips together it helps me focus. It also lets the average onlooker know that I’m very serious about what I’m doing and not to bother me.

Picture 17-3

Since I have a hard time focusing, it bugs me a little when someone interrupts me. I try to be polite. But I also put on a face that says, “I’m very busy, can I help you with something?”
Picture 20-1

But then I usually soften up when they ask for my advice on something. I always like to help. I have to be careful that I don’t get too preachy, ya know what I mean?

Picture 21-2

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New Stuff

This is kinda old news, but I can now hold on to my piggies. It’s been a couple weeks, but I wanted to master my skill before I shared it.

Picture 17-2

I’ve been working on this one for a while too.

Picture 20

After a long day of new tricks, I always like to sit down with my daddy and cuddle. He listens to all my concerns and gives me advice.

Picture 16-2

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Fancy Pants

Yesterday was my very first dressy day. My auntie got married and I was the honorary baby, so I got to wear a special suit. I’m pretty excited about it, so please forgive the millions of pictures.

Picture 21-1

A special thanks to Mommy for helping me stand up for my dressy pictures. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Picture 33

No evening is complete without a gushy moment between Mommy and me. She sure is good at that mushy stuff. That’s what mommies are for.

Picture 6-16

Sometimes Mommy tells me secrets. She says I can’t tell anyone unless they promise to give me a cookie first. I don’t know what cookies taste like, but my mommy definitely likes them so they must be good. To all my readers: I’m willing to be bribed.

Picture 10-4

She always does this! Mommy will be whispering a very serious secret and then she’ll throw in such a goofy word like skamoonabooble just to make me laugh. Mommy, you’re silly!

Picture 11-4

There’s a song called “YMCA,” and you just have to be good at the dance if you’re going to be the honorary wedding baby. Mommy took me aside to help me practice.

Picture 22-1

Whenever I have the urge to be lovey at Mommy, I try to look really manly at the same time. I think it’s because I get a little embarrassed at my gushiness, so I put on a tough face to fool anyone else who might be looking.

Picture 32

Another YMCA break. It’s not easy, folks. I need to take every opportunity I get to master my skills.

Picture 23-1

Would I be able to convince you that I’m walking all on my own? Maybe Mommy is just holding my hands because we’re crossing the street or something. You never know. What if I’m just a really advanced baby?

Picture 24

And it’s the Daddy!!! Happy Daddy’s Day! He’s my favorite guy in the whole world.

Picture 26

He holds me up even when I don’t feel like trying anymore. That could be a romantic song. Don’t steal my idea.

Picture 25

You know what? No one can make me laugh like Daddy does. That’s one of the best things about him. He always surprises Mommy and me with all the giggles he can get out of us.

Picture 27

I think we look like twins in this picture. I may have overheard people commenting on that when he was carrying me around yesterday. I don’t blame them if they can’t tell us apart.

Picture 28

Here we’re being twins again. We have the same fun big smile when we’re really having a good time.

Picture 29

One thing you have to know about babies: we’re not very stable. One minute a baby could be laughing and having a good time, and the next a cloud comes overhead. Daddy is very patient during my cloudy moments. He coaxes me back to cheeriness the way only a daddy can.

Picture 30

Whoa, it looks like we both forgot to drink our V8 yesterday. At least we’re crooked in the opposite directions so that we balance each other out. I think that sounds like a romantic song too – the balance part, not the V8 part.

Picture 31



Can you guess what I am? I’m pretty skilled at this, so you probably knew right away. Yup, I’m a charging bull.

Picture 21

What about this one? It’s a little bit harder since I’m not a girl, but here’s my best shot at Charlie’s Angels.
Picture 22

This is advanced – only for the serious charader. You’ll never guess. Sherlock Holmes.
Picture 23

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Fun at the Table

I’m finally big enough to sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy. They don’t share their food with me yet. But that’s okay. I’m just happy to be a part of the social time.

Picture 11-3

Now that I have a role in the conversation, I have to practice my best oh-isn’t-that-interesting face.
Picture 6-15

I’m still working on my table manners. So, when Daddy accidentally interrupted me, I got a little frustrated. Sorry about that, Daddy.

Picture 5-20

Like I said, I’m trying to figure out this whole interacting thing. I tried to express “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that happened!” But, I think I went a bit overboard. I haven’t mastered subtlety.
Picture 10-3

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A Sad Day

It’s that time again.
Picture 12-1

And, to make matters worse, the needle lady put this girly band-aid on. I didn’t have a chance to regulate cause I was too sad.

Picture 13-1

Mommy said that it’s been a very long time since she’s had to have shots. She wanted me to tell her all about my experience. Ya know, I really tried to have a good attitude and focus on the positive. If you would’ve asked me my thoughts two months ago, I just would’ve cried at you. But, I think I’m growing up.

Picture 10-2

Mommy was trying to make me feel better by distracting me with a little goofiness. She said, “I bet you kinda liked that last thing you had to drink. It was sweet and yummy, huh?” Whatever Mommy. No matter how sweet something is, if it’s medicine I have a baby obligation to hate it. Therefore, it was yucky.
Picture 11-2

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