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Hello from Missouri

Mommy, Daddy, and I took a spontaneous trip to Kansas City, Missouri to learn about prayer and spend lots of time with Jesus. Jesus is serious business, but I think he likes us to have a little fun too. So, we took a break to play for a while.

Picture 5-17

Whenever Daddy makes me an airplane, I really try to be as efficient as possible. If I put my arms back a bit, I find that I’m more aerodynamic. I think Daddy appreciates that because it makes high velocity flying so much easier.

Picture 4-13

Have you ever sang the “Shark Song”? At the beginning you sing, “Baby Shark…do do do do do-do.” While singing, you flap your hands like a baby shark’s mouth. Well, since I am a baby, I take the liberty to just fully personify the shark.

Picture 6-11

Missouri is so pretty with all its green grass and green trees. In honor of this new state, Daddy and I dressed in green. Our motives are actually two-fold. We definitely wanted to identify with its personality, but we also needed to be ready for any spontaneous hunting expeditions that might become necessary. Blending with the grass makes it much easier to catch giant ants and wily squirrels.

Picture 7-7

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Below is some rare footage of some Daddy-Abel jokes. What can I say? We’re really funny when you get us in the same room.

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Teddy Guy

I found this new guy today.

Picture 3-18

To be honest I didn’t know what to think of him. He’s a baby and a cutie, and I feel a little threatened by that.
Picture 4-12

Jesus said to love your enemies, so I’m giving it a shot.
Picture 5-16

I’m trying to love him, but it’s definitely not easy. Deep down I kinda hope Mommy sees me being lovey. I like to make her proud.
Picture 6-10

Oh, but the funniest thing happened. Just when I was feeling the most unsure, the bear tooted. I tried to keep my composure, but toots always make a boy laugh. I couldn’t contain myself. I think we’re best friends now.
Picture 8-5

Now that he’s proven himself, I’ve decided to trust him. I won’t tell him everything, but I do have a few baby tricks that might come in handy for him sometime.

Picture 7-6


Partner in Crime

I’m getting to the point where I’m willing to humble myself and ask for a little help. Making these teeth is not an easy task. But, just when I think there’s no other solution, in walks Daddy. He’s always there to lend a helping hand.

Picture 1-19

With all these games I keep talking about, you probably think we never get any work done around here. Well, we work plenty hard. It’s just that sometimes you need a break in order to be more productive. So, we decided to take a hide-and-seek break. It was my turn to hide, and I thought I’d mix things up a bit. Instead of hiding, I pretended to be a hat on my Daddy’s head. Mommy looked and looked but couldn’t find me. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled out, “Here I am!” I think she was a little frustrated with me for not playing by the rules.
Picture 2-15

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I’ve been working on something for quite a while. I think I’m finally ready to share it. I’m nervous because it’s a brand new creation. But, I think you’ll like it.

Picture 3-17

I made my very first tooth! It’s down there in the front and still pretty little. But, I’m one step closer to corn on the cob. By the way, Daddy had to attack my neck to help me get the perfect pose for showing off my new pearlie.

Picture 2-14

Mommy tried to find my tooth, but I couldn’t resist teasing her a little. Every time she’d look I’d stick out my tongue in place of my tooth. Little boys have to tease their mommies. It’s only natural.

Picture 4-11



My auntie is getting married really soon, so last week the ladies had a special girl party for her. When I say “girl party,” I mean a party that is no fun for boys. A boy really shouldn’t be caught going to one of those. It’s not manly. Well, I don’t know who this baby is. As you can see he’s wearing a mouth mask to hide his identity. That was smart of him or his buddies would never let him forget it.

Disclaimer: I’m only posting this picture because my auntie is so pretty. I have no relation to this baby. I repeat: I have no relation to this baby.

Picture 2-13

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La La La

I just love music. I love it in the car or from the computer – I’m not picky. But, my absolute favorite is when Mommy and Daddy sing with me and play the guitar. They’re starting to teach me songs so I can participate.

Babies and the “Hokey Pokey” aren’t a good combination. I just don’t have the skills to put my left hand in and put my left hand out. However, Daddy is understanding, and he changed it to “turn your head to the left, turn your head to the right.” Now maybe even that is advanced for a baby, but I got that move down!

Picture 2-12

Daddy likes to sing a song to Jesus named “What the World will Never Take.” The chorus has this cool part in it where we yell “Whoa Oh!” Well, we added our own little Vis Twist and hold on to the “Whoa Oh” until we lose breath and our faces turn red.

Picture 3-16

We try to take a breath and go on singing, but it never works because we end up laughing too hard.

Picture 4-10

Mommy and Daddy keep going on and on about how cute I am doing these new tricks in my man chair. What they don’t know is that I’m planning my man chair escape. This is only the preparation stage where I try out various techniques. Step by step.

Picture 5-15

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Yesterday Mommy caught me in a silly sleeping position. She took this picture and showed me in the morning. Right when I saw it, I burst out laughing. I should be a yoga instructor or something. I look so graceful and flexible in my little sleepy pose.

By the way, if you’re wondering why my legs don’t go together, it’s because my diapers take over the lower half of my body. Someday when I’m a big boy, I’ll introduce my legs to each other.

Picture 3-15

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For my exposed head

I got my very first hat! It’s a good thing because my hair sure isn’t in a hurry!

Picture 7-5

Sometimes when you’re posing for pictures, it’s best to look away and into the distance. It gives the picture depth and makes the observer wonder what is catching your attention.
Picture 5-14

I like the big bill of my hat. If Daddy wants to see me, he has to dip down really low. That way when I want to give Mommy a secret wink, Daddy can’t see.
Picture 3-14

Um, ok. I’m done with this picture stuff for now.
Picture 6-9

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A relaxing evening

I guess I had a busy day yesterday. Ya know how it sneaks up on you? And then all of a sudden you’re pooped. At the end of the day, I just needed to recline and recoup.

Picture 5-13

Just chillin’ with The Cuz.
Picture 6-8

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