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Chillin’ with the Daddy

I know it seems like my Daddy is always sleeping in pictures. Well, I’m here to stand up for him. I promise, he’s usually conscious. He’s just so much fun that I like to hang out with him whether or not he’s awake.

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This is where a little bit of hand eye coordination would come in handy.

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Time to be real

Ok folks, it takes a lot of guts to share this. I really want this to be a blog where I can share every side of myself. So, here it is. And, don’t try to tell me that you never look silly when you sleep!

Disclaimer: My family isn’t exactly a professional camera crew. Please excuse the side view of this scene.

I guess it’s a habit.

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Here I Come!

Daddy! I’m coming home today! I even put on this dressy outfit to remind you of how fancy I am. See ya later alligator!

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This has been a pretty special week. I got to spend every day with my Grandma and Grandpa D.

Picture 8-3

Then…I even got to meet a brand new grandpa. He’s a great grandpa. I felt silly asking why he’s called “great.” So, I just assumed he’s extra cool. He tried to keep me, but Mommy said she’d miss me too much. I like Great Grandpa, but I think I’d miss Mommy and Daddy a lot too. So, I guess I’m glad she took me home.
Picture 10

I don’t know how the subject came up. But, Great Grandpa had never learned how to conduct a choir, so I was giving him a little lesson. He was a fast learner.
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A few words to describe my day – a whole lotta aunties! Everyone has warned me about the cheek pinching and millions of kissies. But, no warning needed. I love it. Those ladies can gush over me as much as they want as far as I’m concerned!

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I’m in Wisconsin right now. It’s been great and all, but I just really miss my Daddy.

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I’ve always had a healthy respect for Socrates. That was until today when I read this. “Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parent, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.” All I have to say is…does this look like the face of a tyrant? And, I happen to be very delicate when eating my food, thank you very much!

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My other side

I was feeling a bit snooty in these pictures.

I was thinking to myself, “Are you really going to wear that out in public, Daddy?”

Picture 2-9

I feel like I could narrate the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with this face.

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This is my homie G. Richey. No, his first name doesn’t start with a “G”. That’s just what I call him when I rap about him. Here’s a free rapping lesson: Whenever you need your rap to sound cooler, just add “G” to the beginning of people’s names. I don’t know why it works; it just does.

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