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I’m not a pro when it comes to girls, but I have a feeling she has a crush on me. That’s flattering, but I really don’t plan on dating until I’m at least 50.

Picture 3-6

I think the real reason the girls like me so much is because I’m such a good listener. I try to make my eyes say, “I care. You matter.” Having my eyebrows slightly lifted and my lips parted tells them that I want to hear what they have to say.

Picture 4-5



Some people need a teddy bear. Some need a special blankie. Me? All I need are my hands and I’m off to dreamyland.



I’ve been meaning to talk to her about this. She’s always trying to eat my face off. A guy needs his cheeks, ya know?

Picture 1-6

My Mommy and Daddy are so funny. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. I’m not going to be taking a step any time soon, and still they insist on trying. I think patience is one of my best qualities.
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Snacks and talent

When I’m hanging out with Daddy, I never know what I’m gonna get. He just keeps me guessing.

Picture 16-1

I don’t want to be a show off. But, when you have something special, you have a responsibility to share it with the world. I can touch my nose with my piggies with no difficulty at all. I just can’t keep that to myself. I think that would be bad stewardship.
Picture 17-1

Daddy can’t feed me, but he does his best…bless his heart.
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Happy Easter

Some things are just best said in person. Here is Daddy helping me get my message out to the world. And then at the very end I throw in a little air guitar to add a bit of my personality.

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My last couple of days

If you are ever being bullied by anyone, call me and my Daddy. We stand up for justice. We mean business when it comes to protecting the innocent.
Picture 17

I’m so embarrassed by this one. I wasn’t going to post it, but Daddy said he’d pay me a million bucks if I posted it. Just some advice, don’t ever turn down a million bucks!
Picture 16

Sometimes when you smile at Daddy and tickle his tummy with your toes, you can get him to do this funny face.

Picture 4-4

My mysterious side.

Picture 15

Raise the roof, yo!

Picture 6-3

Sometimes with new parents, you can be up all night. I hear that it gets better with time, but boy am I tired!

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Nine to Five

Some people would say that working with family is risky. You know, you’re more comfortable with each other, so it’s easier to be more irritable. Well, I guess we’re lucky because Mommy and I really are a great team when it comes to getting the job done. When it’s time for a nap, Mommy takes over. Then when I wake up, I let her take a nap while I take care of business.

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Family Genes

Everyone keeps asking me, “Who do you look like?” So, in search for the answer, I’ve been looking through Mommy and Daddy’s old baby pictures.

This is my Daddy and his Grandma. Daddy, I didn’t know we are related to Hurley. Grandma promises me that this was his first week of life. I know it seems impossible, but he was 10.1 lbs at birth. Go Grandma!

Picture 8-1

This is Mommy as a baby. Do you see those adult-sized lips? I inherited those.

Picture 11



I have about 6 mornings a day. Each one is fairly rough. I’m just not a morning person. It takes me about 10 minutes of high intensity closed-eyed squirming to actually make it to my awake stage. Here are some rare photos of this dangerous event.

Disclaimer: Despite my silly clothing, I am still a boy. I repeat, I am a boy.

Wake up Stage 0: Quiet, peaceful, dreamy sleep

Picture 3-4

Wake up Stage 1: Um…what’s going on? I stick out my milk belly in defense. You know, make yourself look big and scary to ward off the attackers.

Picture 2-4

Wake up Stage 2: I’m pretty sure I don’t like this.

Picture 7-1

Wake up Stage 3: A time of bereavement and mourning. Sleep is a precious thing to have to leave. Please don’t try to skip this stage. It’s very important for healing.

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A Date

Mommy and Daddy have been working really hard lately. Sometimes I think they wear themselves out. Today I brought them aside and said, “Ya know what? I’m taking you guys out on a date. You need a little fun and relaxation.”

Here’s the three of us at the beach watching the sunset. I know, that’s so romantic. What can I say? A baby has to romance his Mommy and Daddy now and then.

Picture 22

Ok, it was colder than popsicle out there. I’ve never had a popsicle before, but Mommy tells me that they are really extreme.

Picture 18

I tried my best to keep Daddy warm. I brought a jacket for him, but a little body heat really helps out.

Picture 19

Here’s Mommy going in for the kill. She really gets carried away with the kissies sometimes.

Picture 15

I like this one because it shows how much I love her as I hold her in the sunset.
Picture 16

After the beach, I had to squeeze in a business meeting. I brought Daddy along because I’m too short to sit in the bench by myself. But, don’t let that make you think I’m unprofessional.

Picture 21

I look away for just a second and there Mommy is making googly eyes at Daddy. Sheesh! Can’t I trust you two to behave?

Picture 17

I guess the feelings are mutual.

Picture 20

I had the hiccups, so Daddy tried to scare them out of me. I know he meant well, but look, he scared Mommy too. That’s where I draw the line!

Picture 18

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