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One day Mommy looked at me and realized that I am growing up really fast. It won’t be very long until I won’t be fitting in my wrestling uniform anymore. So, since she loves this uniform so much, she took me on a spontaneous photo shoot.
Picture 56-4

When it comes to photo shoots, I always try to do my best to contribute. Sometimes I’m behind the camera making the magic, and sometimes I’m in front of the camera being the magic. Being the magic takes a lot of practice and patience. Sometimes a person doesn’t feel like being magic but instead feels lots of grumpies inside. Ya know what? I have those days too, but with this photo shoot I was feeling extra creative. This pose is one that I thought up on the spot and I think it speaks of human balance and depth.
Picture 57-6

There is a time to be pose and a time to relax. There is a time to be serious and a time to say cheese. There is a time to be dramatic and a time to be cutie. I do “cutie” just for Mommy because I had a feeling that was what she was envisioning.

Picture 55-5
A successful photo shoot is one that ends with an open mouth smile. Giggles, tickles, and funny faces – those are the main redeeming factors of photo shoots. The rest of it is for the love of Mommy. What can I say? I’d eat a worm for that gal.

Picture 53-5

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My last month and a half

You may have thought, “What happened? Did Abel Justice all of a sudden grow up and move to Memphis for their famous ice cream?” Don’t worry folks. I’m still here, and my mommy has a baby in her belly. That’s why our computer time has been limited. I am too luvey to bug her about getting my blog ready for me to compose. A wise snail once told me, “Have patience, have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry…” That’s a song, and if you ever want to hear it, just do something impatient around Mommy. She’s sure to begin singing. Anyway, here’s a recap on my life during Mommy’s sick couch time.

Gramma D. showed me how to be an artist. She is the most fancy artist in our family, so it only makes sense that she would show me the ropes.

Picture 178

Daddy showed me how to blow bubbles. I guess I got showed a lot of stuff during the sick time. I had no idea, but I guess there’s a proper form to use when one is bubbling. I have demonstrated below.

1. Two is better than one. Whenever possible have one person focus on one bubble area while the other focuses on the other bubble area.
2. Make your mouth look like the bubble stick end.
3. Lean forward so that the bubbles don’t end up coming back into your nose crevices.

Picture 172

4. Then blow. Some people prefer the O shape while others like the line shape. Daddy and I have demonstrated each one for you.
5. Keep your toes and feet together so that bubbles don’t make you slip off of your daddy’s lap. I’ve had that happen before. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson.

Picture 173

And then there was the photo shoot. I make it a goal to never smile during a real photo shoot. Are you thinking I’m a meanie? Please, give me a chance. I’m not being meanie. I just have this strong, deep-rooted belief that real photo shoots should capture the side of me that most never get to see. Why have a photo shoot if it’s the same old stuff, right? I’m always smiling, so I like to mix it up and give my audience something fresh.

Picture 176

I was quickly able to convince the whole gang. See, isn’t this so interesting?

Picture 177

Just when you think I don’t have any new poses up my sleeve – BAM – the sophisticated, gentle professor.

Picture 174

Don’t mind this one. I know I’m smiling, and that’s the same ol’, same ol’. But, seriously, somebody tooted and I couldn’t believe that would ever happen during a photo shoot.

Picture 175



Recently Mommy has been teaching me such wonderful new skills. Just when I think there’s nothing more to learn in life, I’m introduced to another magnificent part of being a person. Apparently, you can smoosh your face up to glass and resemble various animals. Pictured below: The Two Little Piggies Who Went to the Market. (Daddy snapped the picture before I could fully smoosh out a pig face).

Picture 81

I’m going to say that this one is a manatee because now that I see myself I imagine that this is what a manatee probably looks like. Title: Manatee That’s Hungry for Breakfast.

Picture 79-1

Then if you make the same face but just purse your lips a little you have a bunny. Maybe you’re thinking that this doesn’t quite look like a bunny. Don’t forget about the rare bunny breed called Bigbosebun. I think if you knew what I’m talking about you’d be amazed at the similarities in appearance. Title: Bunny, Bunny, Give Your Brother Some Licorice.
Picture 84-1

I know it might seem that all my smoosh faces look the same. That’s because smoosh-facing is a fine art that has very fine and hard to notice differences. In this picture I am an orange frog. Looking to the side is the detail that points to orange frog every time. Title: The Frog’s Not Grumpy Anymore.
Picture 85-4

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Goofy things

Where’s Abel? I only see a crab that has a face like Abel’s. Huh, what a coincidence. I guess even crabs can be good-looking and more wise than normal.

Picture 73

Here I am. I know, did you see that crab too? Wow, I was stunned by its agility and compassion. Well, you wouldn’t know those things unless you were here in person, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. By the way, these pictures are obviously pre-haircut. If that makes you grumpy, you will have to put some pressure on Mommy to bring out the camera again.
Picture 74

When saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I heard that you’re supposed to put your arm across your chest and look serious. I was able to master the arm motion but couldn’t quite figure out the serious part. I really did try but I guess I have too many giggles stored up in my cheeks.

Picture 72-1

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Teasing stuff

Probably my favorite thing on all the earth is to tease mommy. Sometimes she can act strong, stay unsmiling, and maintain her facade of “that’s not funny.” But uuuuusally, I get her and she has to giggle until I’m not funny anymore. If you’re ever in the mood to tease your mommy but you’re also feeling completely dry of ideas, use this one. It never fails.

Scenario: Mommy is trying to talk to you. Just look at her, don’t say anything and don’t move. Just stick out the funniest tongue you have. Freeze and wait for it. Don’t give in because you never know how long it will take to be funny. Just trust me. In your mind say “Just trust bust” (That’s a little wise saying that I came up with when I need to remember to relax and wait. Everything is more powerful if it rhymes).

Picture 17-20

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Most embarrassing moment

Everybody’s got to have a favorite most embarrassing moment. Well, unfortunately I haven’t had mine yet in my little life. Jabel Mustice, on the other hand, has already had several – many of which I’ve had the privilege of blogging about. Don’t worry. I do have his written consent on file.

Well, this one is a dusey, folks. It was our very first sleep over. We were peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden I wake up to sadful cries next to me. Jabel was wriggling all around like his tummy was really really owie. I promptly alerted Mommy. She always knows what to do in scary situations. She rushed him to the toilet thinking that maybe he just had to poo poo. (I repeat. I do have written consent). As he recounted later, sitting on the toilet really did feel much better. So better that he ended up falling asleep on Mommy! On the pottie! Oh man. I’m never going to let him live this one down.

Picture 13-18


Shades of Abel

It’s been 11 months now, and I feel like I can be myself with my readers. I’m not all toughness and muscles. I have a soft side too. Believe it or not, sometimes I get nervous and uneasy. Take last Saturday for example. Mommy put me on a swing all by myself – no harness, no carseat, not even a seatbelt – nothin’!

I’ll be honest. I had a couple reservations. But sometimes you have to face your fear.

Picture 3-33

I found that a good way to push through is with the help of a little bit of lower lip. It’s pretty cushy, so I’m able to bite down as little or as much as I need.

Picture 4-31

Pretty soon I actually started to like it. Excitement….cue the tongue. I can’t help it. It’s my involuntary happy response.

Picture 2-29

At the end of it all, I was pretty proud of myself.

Pictured here: That one smile you get when you know you did something really grand, don’t want others to see how proud you are, but it’s just so hard to hold it back.

Picture 1-33

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Strong and Brave

I always make sure Daddy’s holding my hand when we cross the street. You just never know what kind of crazy drivers might be flying by. I call it defensive walking.

Picture 1-28

I really have nothing to say about this picture other than that we’re handsome and strong looking.

Picture 2-24

Yes, it looks like we are falling. And, yes, we did fall over. But as you can see it was a joyous ride on the way down.

Picture 4-23

Sometimes I get embarrassed when Mommy catches these luvey moments between Daddy and I. But, then Daddy debriefs me and helps me realize that only the strongest and bravest men are luvey.

Picture 5-32

I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been out and not had our picture taken. That’s serious moment-capturing.

Picture 6-27

Mommy was trying to hula hoop me. That made me laugh so hard. Who’d ever heard of such a thing!

Picture 8-13

A good ending to every blog post: Mommy and Abel luvey time. Luviness comes naturally to mommies. I think that’s how strong and courageous sons turn into luvey big people. I have a good head start.

Picture 9-10

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As you all know, solid food is my arch enemy. So, today when Mommy suggested strawberries, I said, “Milk please.” At least I’m polite, right?

Picture 4-20

But, then she told me the secret. I guess strawberries help your muscles grow big. Well, that’s all she had to say. Before she could even finish reciting her pretty pleases with milk on top, I was all over it.

Picture 3-26

A baby-man needs a little alone time after such a great endeavor as eating several strawberries. Did I say several? Yes. I take muscle making very seriously.

Picture 5-29

Well, you can’t expect to come out spotless, right? I like to call these my solid food battle wounds.

Picture 6-25


Beach Day

In honor of Daddy’s return, me and Mommy decided to take him to the beach. The beach is a very sunny place. It’s important to put on lots of thick lotion and wear a hat. Mommy packed everything for us, so when it became hat time Daddy and I just reached in the bag and pulled one out. He ended up having to wear the one I picked because the blue one wasn’t fitting over all of his hair. I guess it pays to have bald baby hair.

Picture 1-27

Come on! Like you really thought we could go a whole day without Mommy squeezing in a luvey moment. She has no shame. She’ll hug me, squish me, and kiss my cheeks off right there on the middle of the beach for all to see.

Picture 3-25

There comes a point in every baby’s day when the pictures just have to stop. This is one of my non-verbal cues.

Picture 2-23

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