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Most embarrassing moment

Everybody’s got to have a favorite most embarrassing moment. Well, unfortunately I haven’t had mine yet in my little life. Jabel Mustice, on the other hand, has already had several – many of which I’ve had the privilege of blogging about. Don’t worry. I do have his written consent on file.

Well, this one is a dusey, folks. It was our very first sleep over. We were peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden I wake up to sadful cries next to me. Jabel was wriggling all around like his tummy was really really owie. I promptly alerted Mommy. She always knows what to do in scary situations. She rushed him to the toilet thinking that maybe he just had to poo poo. (I repeat. I do have written consent). As he recounted later, sitting on the toilet really did feel much better. So better that he ended up falling asleep on Mommy! On the pottie! Oh man. I’m never going to let him live this one down.

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Guy supplies

Baby women have purses. Baby men have dump trucks. Really they’re the same thing with slightly different functionality. Both purses and dump trucks are made to put stuff in for the purpose of transport. But honestly dump trucks are one thing that make me so happy I’m a baby-man. If I had to carry a purse, I’d have to be pretty, forfeit the dumping capability, and carry instead of drive. Ladies, I have nothing against you or purses. I’m just made for dump trucks, that’s all.

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Plus, I’ve never seen a purse that can carry something as hefty as Leroy. I have a feeling that if I needed a break from walking, my dump truck could even handle my weight.

Fun Fact: Muscles weigh more than fat. That’s why people who look like me are heavier than people who look like Leroy. Look, I’m not calling Leroy fat. I’m just saying that I’m heavier. So, maybe I’m saying Leroy is fat. Or, maybe I’m saying that I’m extremely muscular. Bottom line, I’m not saying anything. I respect my readers enough to let you draw your own conclusions.

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The Limit

Sometimes when I’m taking a bath, I can easily get carried away. I’m splishing and splashing and singing about Saturday nights when all of a sudden I look at the clock and it’s been a ton of minutes. Shocking, I know. It’s just too hard to always keep an eye on the clock when your other eye is so busy trying to find new things to welcome into the bath water. Therefore, I’ve developed a new method. It’s called the “How are the toes?” test. Every couple of minutes I simply reach down to my toes and feel how far they’ve progressed. The spectrum is smooth and barely wet to raiseny and overbathed. By regularly reaching down, I can easily decipher when the bath should come to a close.

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My little buddy

I got a chance to hang out with Baby Imai last week. There’s quite the barrier between us because he’s still in the belly stage. Previously it had been hard to hang out with Baby, but I had a revelation that day. I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Sign language! So, I just push my hands into Baby’s mommy’s belly and make different shapes. Then Baby pushes back! This will revolutionize baby communication.

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Snacks and talent

When I’m hanging out with Daddy, I never know what I’m gonna get. He just keeps me guessing.

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I don’t want to be a show off. But, when you have something special, you have a responsibility to share it with the world. I can touch my nose with my piggies with no difficulty at all. I just can’t keep that to myself. I think that would be bad stewardship.
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Daddy can’t feed me, but he does his best…bless his heart.
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Family traits

Yesterday Daddy was telling me a little bit about when he was dating Mommy. There was this song that reminded him of Mommy. It was called “Bubble Toes” and the line that stuck out was “It’s as simple as something that nobody knows that her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes.” My Daddy affectionately calls Mommy’s toes “plump.”

Sooooooo, I inherited the bubbly toes. I like them. They have character.

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Warning: For those with a weak stomach, please skip reading this post. It is only for the strong at heart.

Today is a big day. I got my first snotty nose. Don’t be arrogant and try to tell me that’s no big deal because you get them all the time. I’ve had stuffy noses before, quite often actually. But now it’s all beginning to come out! I’m growing up so fast!
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On a serious note

A little puppy to warm my feet. I still have one of them, but you can’t just wear one bootie. That’s silly.

Last seen:
Monday night at the Uganda prayer meeting.

I don’t really have any money, but I’m willing to trade some of my other socks. I also have several stuffed animals that are worth much more than you could ever imagine.

Please call me if you spot him. I don’t know my phone number, but you could call my mommy. I don’t know her phone number either, but I figure adults know how to get a hold of each other.

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