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The Dance

I want to dedicate this movie to all those babies out there who have to take medicine, don’t want to, but don’t have the skills to resist. Watch and learn.

By the way, you will notice at the end of the movie that Mommy finally coaxed the medicine into my mouth. Please know that I let that happen. I could have resisted for 16 hours if I needed to. I just love Mommy too much to let that happen.



Below is some rare footage of some Daddy-Abel jokes. What can I say? We’re really funny when you get us in the same room.

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Time to be real

Ok folks, it takes a lot of guts to share this. I really want this to be a blog where I can share every side of myself. So, here it is. And, don’t try to tell me that you never look silly when you sleep!

Disclaimer: My family isn’t exactly a professional camera crew. Please excuse the side view of this scene.

I guess it’s a habit.

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Camera Shy

I get a little nervous when the camera is on.



Some people need a teddy bear. Some need a special blankie. Me? All I need are my hands and I’m off to dreamyland.


Happy Easter

Some things are just best said in person. Here is Daddy helping me get my message out to the world. And then at the very end I throw in a little air guitar to add a bit of my personality.

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