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2 years of Abel

January 18 was the second anniversary of my mommy’s hard work to meet me and hug me and stuff. This one must be pretty special because there was fun thing after fun thing after fun thing. It all started out with The Birthday Morning. I got an extra special greeting from Mommy with a song. Then she made me oatmeal – pretty much everyone’s favorite breakfast. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Grampa comes out with a shiny balloon and a can of apple juice. A CAN of apple juice, folks.

Picture 1-43

I’ve never had the opportunity to drink out of a can before. It made me feel so mature and responsible. Grampa must really trust me. He trusts me to hold on to it with one hand and not spill. I had total freedom to spill because there was no sippy thing for protection. But, as a mature person, you have to make hard decisions. A lot of times those hard decisions revolve around whether or not to spill something.

Picture 2-41

Mommy and I made made these handsome/pretty birthday hats for everyone to wear throughout the day. The hat is handsome if you’re a man and pretty if you’re a lady. My friend Stephanie and I are perfect examples of how two similar hats can be both delicately pretty and utterly handsome.

Picture 3-45

At night time, my mommy and daddy threw together a last minute buddy party. The only reason these mommies are in this buddy picture is because they have little buddies growing inside their bellies, hence the belly hats. Please focus on the buddies and the bellies. As pretty as their faces are, they simply aren’t buddies.

Picture 4-42

Ice cream + everything on top + fire = a delicious and risky adventure.

Picture 5-48

After every awesome birthday comes a normal boring day where it’s not a birthday anymore. Luuuuucky for me, I had a week of normal study and activity only to be surprised with ANOTHER birthday party at the end of the week. This one was for the fam. I’m a lucky guy, that’s for sure.

Picture 6-43

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New Glasses

I got some new fancy glasses. They’re very versatile. They can be sunglasses if it’s too shiny outside. They can be protective glasses if you are running through sprinklers. And, they can also be “look smart” glasses with which you can do things like read, teach, have a heated discussion, or sit in a meeting.

Picture 50-4

There’s this phrase that goes like this: “All seriousness aside.” You say it before you say another bunch of words, and it sounds special. Well, these glasses make me think of that phrase too. They are very serious glasses, but sometimes you just have to throw seriousness aside, stop intimidating people, and goofy around for a little bit.
Picture 51-3

They said on the box “one size fits all.” Maybe it should say “one size fits everyone a little differently.”
Picture 52-5

Speaking of Daddy, he builds spectacular towers. AND, he does it all while balancing his body on one side and building with just one hand. I’m in the apprenticeship stage of this skill.

Picture 49-4

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One day Mommy looked at me and realized that I am growing up really fast. It won’t be very long until I won’t be fitting in my wrestling uniform anymore. So, since she loves this uniform so much, she took me on a spontaneous photo shoot.
Picture 56-4

When it comes to photo shoots, I always try to do my best to contribute. Sometimes I’m behind the camera making the magic, and sometimes I’m in front of the camera being the magic. Being the magic takes a lot of practice and patience. Sometimes a person doesn’t feel like being magic but instead feels lots of grumpies inside. Ya know what? I have those days too, but with this photo shoot I was feeling extra creative. This pose is one that I thought up on the spot and I think it speaks of human balance and depth.
Picture 57-6

There is a time to be pose and a time to relax. There is a time to be serious and a time to say cheese. There is a time to be dramatic and a time to be cutie. I do “cutie” just for Mommy because I had a feeling that was what she was envisioning.

Picture 55-5
A successful photo shoot is one that ends with an open mouth smile. Giggles, tickles, and funny faces – those are the main redeeming factors of photo shoots. The rest of it is for the love of Mommy. What can I say? I’d eat a worm for that gal.

Picture 53-5

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So, I’ve recently learned about this day that you can ring Grampa’s doorbell and he’ll open it up with a candy in his hand. How did I miss this event last year? The only catch is that you have to wear a disguise so that Grampa doesn’t know that it’s really you. I didn’t want to fool him too much (I think that’s kinda meanie), so I wore a cow mask. A cow mask is kinda a disguise and kinda me at the same time. When Grampa sees a cow, I’m guessing he thinks to himself, “Wow, that cow reminds me of kind, big, and muscular individuals. Why can I not stop thinking about Abel Justice? Crazy the coincidence!”

Picture 1-42

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I have an important announcement to make. I have new jammies. Personally, I think that is powerful enough on its own. I choose not to expand on the subject at this point.

Picture 74-1

Buuuuuut, I do have to point out that my jammies have ferocious dinosaurs printed on them. Roses, no. Strawberry Shortcake, no. Other pink things, no. Dinosaurs. I read yesterday that this particular type of dinosaur was the most feared. I know that T-rex dinosaurs have the scariest reputation, but this very true book highlighted this jammie dinosaur as the real bully of the dinos. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s good to be a bully. But, it’s different when you’re a dinosaur, and it’s different when you’re wearing jammies. You have to think about what everyone will think when they come to the house too early and accidentally see you in your jammies. They need to think you’re tough and not really in your jammies, so bully jammies really help in that area of life.

Picture 73-1

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Recently Mommy has been teaching me such wonderful new skills. Just when I think there’s nothing more to learn in life, I’m introduced to another magnificent part of being a person. Apparently, you can smoosh your face up to glass and resemble various animals. Pictured below: The Two Little Piggies Who Went to the Market. (Daddy snapped the picture before I could fully smoosh out a pig face).

Picture 81

I’m going to say that this one is a manatee because now that I see myself I imagine that this is what a manatee probably looks like. Title: Manatee That’s Hungry for Breakfast.

Picture 79-1

Then if you make the same face but just purse your lips a little you have a bunny. Maybe you’re thinking that this doesn’t quite look like a bunny. Don’t forget about the rare bunny breed called Bigbosebun. I think if you knew what I’m talking about you’d be amazed at the similarities in appearance. Title: Bunny, Bunny, Give Your Brother Some Licorice.
Picture 84-1

I know it might seem that all my smoosh faces look the same. That’s because smoosh-facing is a fine art that has very fine and hard to notice differences. In this picture I am an orange frog. Looking to the side is the detail that points to orange frog every time. Title: The Frog’s Not Grumpy Anymore.
Picture 85-4

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Grampa V. and me

First of all…yes, this is me post haircut. Sorry to make you wait. As I mentioned before, all of my updates are dependent on Mommy’s camera. I can’t be held accountable for late updates or lack of posts. I’m only working with what I’m given, folks.

Picture 76

Second of all, this is Grampa V. whose rap name is Bop-pa. I love the guy, I really do. We get each other in a way that is special to light-haired people. I read somewhere that light-haired people should hang out and do yard work together as much as possible because something very beneficial-for-the-human-race happens when such a thing occurs. Therefore, I try to follow him around during most of my free time. He hasn’t read that light-haired article yet, so he doesn’t follow me around in the same manner. Give him time. He will soon understand.

Picture 77

When we hang out together sitting down, we usually end up reading to each other. If he’s the one saying the words, we read colorful books about wonderful animals, amazing shapes, and hilarious things. If I’m the one saying the words, we focus on more academic works like word magazines or boringful books that don’t draw anything out. Good relationships are all about compromise. The first rule to compromise is “Don’t be a meanie, and take a second to think about what books your friend might want to look at and listen to.”

Picture 78

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Goofy things

Where’s Abel? I only see a crab that has a face like Abel’s. Huh, what a coincidence. I guess even crabs can be good-looking and more wise than normal.

Picture 73

Here I am. I know, did you see that crab too? Wow, I was stunned by its agility and compassion. Well, you wouldn’t know those things unless you were here in person, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. By the way, these pictures are obviously pre-haircut. If that makes you grumpy, you will have to put some pressure on Mommy to bring out the camera again.
Picture 74

When saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I heard that you’re supposed to put your arm across your chest and look serious. I was able to master the arm motion but couldn’t quite figure out the serious part. I really did try but I guess I have too many giggles stored up in my cheeks.

Picture 72-1

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Steps to kid-manness

You probably take one look at this picture and think, “Whoa get those locks under control. They are just way too handsome for a mere pre-kid man. Well, I have a couple of things to say about that. First, I got a haircut*** yesterday and am looking less hairy but even more good-looking. But, about that pre-kid man thing. It won’t be long, folks. I’m not saying that I’ve definitely transferred over to kid-man status, but it’s coming and it’s coming fast. My haircut didn’t slow that transition down one bit because boy am I looking mature. Not only do I look more mature, I actually am beginning to have all kinds of advice for people running through my wise head.

***post hair cut photos are coming soon.

Picture 38-6

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Keeping warm

I heard about this thing called the 80’s. I’m not quite sure what that is, but anything that is always preceded by the word “the” is usually pretty important. So, I’m going to have to go with my instincts on this one and assume that I should jump on board. I did some research on how to make the 80’s a part of my everyday life. Leg-warmers were first on the list in many of the scientific journals I was reading. I studied the pictures and definitions and realized that I can easily make my own leg-warmers with a few household items. Let me walk you through this recipe*:

*Please note that this will only work for people under 3 feet.

1. Find a pair of your daddy’s tall, cozy socks.
2. Hold them up to your leg to make sure they are long enough to adequately “warm”. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we should take warm for granted.
3. Put one sock on each leg all the way up to your buns if you can. Leg-warmer motto “The warmer the better, the longer the tetter.” (Rhyming is more important that real words).
4. The 80’s leg-warmers have the feet cut out. But, you have to make fashion your own, otherwise it’s not art. I choose to leave the feet on so that my piggies can be warm with my legs. Also, I’m not sure that’s a good way for Daddy to find out about my new ideas.

Picture 2-40

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