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The Boy Who Cried “Boo-Boo”

Let me tell you a powerful story I heard recently. It really convicted me.

“There once was a sweet, white haired baby named Gabel Rustice who was often placed in his crib to take naps. Gabel did not particularly like these naps and was constantly thinking of ways to get out of his crib. One day it occurred to him that whenever he asked to go poo-poo, everyone in the house took it very seriously. ‘I will simply have to go poo-poo every time I’m put down for a nap.’

The next day he tried out this fantastic idea. Mommy laid him down in the crib with a ‘night night.’ Before she could even start her exit, Gabel sat up in bed, made the hand sign for poo-poo and said very articulately, ‘boo-boo.’ He could see the surprise in her face. Of course she would take him to the potty. Once on the potty, Gabel talked about duckies and smiled lovingly but no poo-poo. Mommy put him back in the crib.

The next nap Gabel was ecstatic to try the same approach. When Gabel first did his poo-poo sign and ‘boo-boo’ words, Mommy said, ‘No-no. Go to sleep.’ But every time Mommy looked in, Gabel was diligent in continuing his hand sign and special word. Eventually, Mommy gave in and brought Gabel to the toilet. No poo-poo.

The next day when nap time rolled around again, Gabel was confident in his methods. However, this time was different. He really did have to go poo-poo. Over and over he signed and talked about poo-poo, but Mommy wouldn’t listen. ‘Wait a second,’ he thought, ‘I really do have to go poo-poo. Why isn’t she taking me? I’m sad now.’

After the nap was over, Mommy entered the room and the whole room was stinky. Gabel had gone poo-poo in his diaper! As she changed his diaper, Mommy lovingly explained that if little boys always cry poo-poo with no poo-poo, then when the real thing comes along no one will believe them.”

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