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Goofy things

Where’s Abel? I only see a crab that has a face like Abel’s. Huh, what a coincidence. I guess even crabs can be good-looking and more wise than normal.

Picture 73

Here I am. I know, did you see that crab too? Wow, I was stunned by its agility and compassion. Well, you wouldn’t know those things unless you were here in person, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. By the way, these pictures are obviously pre-haircut. If that makes you grumpy, you will have to put some pressure on Mommy to bring out the camera again.
Picture 74

When saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I heard that you’re supposed to put your arm across your chest and look serious. I was able to master the arm motion but couldn’t quite figure out the serious part. I really did try but I guess I have too many giggles stored up in my cheeks.

Picture 72-1

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Teasing stuff

Probably my favorite thing on all the earth is to tease mommy. Sometimes she can act strong, stay unsmiling, and maintain her facade of “that’s not funny.” But uuuuusally, I get her and she has to giggle until I’m not funny anymore. If you’re ever in the mood to tease your mommy but you’re also feeling completely dry of ideas, use this one. It never fails.

Scenario: Mommy is trying to talk to you. Just look at her, don’t say anything and don’t move. Just stick out the funniest tongue you have. Freeze and wait for it. Don’t give in because you never know how long it will take to be funny. Just trust me. In your mind say “Just trust bust” (That’s a little wise saying that I came up with when I need to remember to relax and wait. Everything is more powerful if it rhymes).

Picture 17-20

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My Best Bud

Look, I know I’ve called a lot of people my best friend. I realize that can be confusing. Please don’t be offended if you are one of those people. Know that I love you all. My heart is big enough for many best friends of all different shapes and sizes. But this is different. Meet Cuz D. That’s just his slang name. His scientific name is Dominic, but that’s way too many syllables. I prefer to be more efficient.

Picture 2-27

I look up to Cuz D. He’s already a full grown kid-man. There’s a lot that goes into arriving at that stage, and I’m not afraid to throw around a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Picture 5-39

There’s also not that many people who would understand the persistence of my mommy’s camera. When we’re both tired of smiling, Cuz D gives me a little squeeze. We both know that squeeze means, “Dude, I’m tired too, but we can do this. Just one more grin.”

Picture 3-31

That kind of encouragement is just what I need. We both perk up, take it like kid-men, and give Mommy the best smiles she’s ever seen.

Picture 4-29

Ok, you think I’m a ham? Where do you think I learn all my skills? Meet my mentor, Mr. Easter Ham with stuffing and mashed potatoes!

Picture 6-33

Cuz D always finds a way to be there when I need him most. For example, we were crossing the street today. In all the commotion, no one even thought to hold my hand when we crossed the street. Seriously, what if I found a lady bug in the middle of the street and had to bend down and look at it. I’d be a street pancake! But, Cuz D looked over, assessed the situation, and quickly remedied it with a very professional “cross the street” hand hold. Thanks, Cuz D, I can always count on you.

Picture 7-20

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