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So, I’ve recently learned about this day that you can ring Grampa’s doorbell and he’ll open it up with a candy in his hand. How did I miss this event last year? The only catch is that you have to wear a disguise so that Grampa doesn’t know that it’s really you. I didn’t want to fool him too much (I think that’s kinda meanie), so I wore a cow mask. A cow mask is kinda a disguise and kinda me at the same time. When Grampa sees a cow, I’m guessing he thinks to himself, “Wow, that cow reminds me of kind, big, and muscular individuals. Why can I not stop thinking about Abel Justice? Crazy the coincidence!”

Picture 1-42

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My last month and a half

You may have thought, “What happened? Did Abel Justice all of a sudden grow up and move to Memphis for their famous ice cream?” Don’t worry folks. I’m still here, and my mommy has a baby in her belly. That’s why our computer time has been limited. I am too luvey to bug her about getting my blog ready for me to compose. A wise snail once told me, “Have patience, have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry…” That’s a song, and if you ever want to hear it, just do something impatient around Mommy. She’s sure to begin singing. Anyway, here’s a recap on my life during Mommy’s sick couch time.

Gramma D. showed me how to be an artist. She is the most fancy artist in our family, so it only makes sense that she would show me the ropes.

Picture 178

Daddy showed me how to blow bubbles. I guess I got showed a lot of stuff during the sick time. I had no idea, but I guess there’s a proper form to use when one is bubbling. I have demonstrated below.

1. Two is better than one. Whenever possible have one person focus on one bubble area while the other focuses on the other bubble area.
2. Make your mouth look like the bubble stick end.
3. Lean forward so that the bubbles don’t end up coming back into your nose crevices.

Picture 172

4. Then blow. Some people prefer the O shape while others like the line shape. Daddy and I have demonstrated each one for you.
5. Keep your toes and feet together so that bubbles don’t make you slip off of your daddy’s lap. I’ve had that happen before. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson.

Picture 173

And then there was the photo shoot. I make it a goal to never smile during a real photo shoot. Are you thinking I’m a meanie? Please, give me a chance. I’m not being meanie. I just have this strong, deep-rooted belief that real photo shoots should capture the side of me that most never get to see. Why have a photo shoot if it’s the same old stuff, right? I’m always smiling, so I like to mix it up and give my audience something fresh.

Picture 176

I was quickly able to convince the whole gang. See, isn’t this so interesting?

Picture 177

Just when you think I don’t have any new poses up my sleeve – BAM – the sophisticated, gentle professor.

Picture 174

Don’t mind this one. I know I’m smiling, and that’s the same ol’, same ol’. But, seriously, somebody tooted and I couldn’t believe that would ever happen during a photo shoot.

Picture 175


Grampa V. and me

First of all…yes, this is me post haircut. Sorry to make you wait. As I mentioned before, all of my updates are dependent on Mommy’s camera. I can’t be held accountable for late updates or lack of posts. I’m only working with what I’m given, folks.

Picture 76

Second of all, this is Grampa V. whose rap name is Bop-pa. I love the guy, I really do. We get each other in a way that is special to light-haired people. I read somewhere that light-haired people should hang out and do yard work together as much as possible because something very beneficial-for-the-human-race happens when such a thing occurs. Therefore, I try to follow him around during most of my free time. He hasn’t read that light-haired article yet, so he doesn’t follow me around in the same manner. Give him time. He will soon understand.

Picture 77

When we hang out together sitting down, we usually end up reading to each other. If he’s the one saying the words, we read colorful books about wonderful animals, amazing shapes, and hilarious things. If I’m the one saying the words, we focus on more academic works like word magazines or boringful books that don’t draw anything out. Good relationships are all about compromise. The first rule to compromise is “Don’t be a meanie, and take a second to think about what books your friend might want to look at and listen to.”

Picture 78

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Doing my part

“Helper” is my middle name. Actually, Justice is my middle name, but that’s kinda like helping, right? I like to bring justice to our household in little simple ways like putting various things in the trash, putting other various things in the diaper pale, putting more various things in the potty, and then of course vacuuming. Whenever I hear the hum of the vacuum, I get this tinge of Justice between my other two names that compels me to immediately locate my vacuum and join in on the campaign.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, Mr. Abel, you’re only a pre-kid-man once. Enjoy your toys and snacks. Well, I have one thing to say to that. Not everyone has Justice as their middle name, so I need to take my role seriously whether it’s in the household or in saving a sweet bunny from getting pricked by a thorn bush, for example.

Picture 22-14



GP-D. That’s his rap name. Whenever we first see each other and feel a little shy and too cool for school, we start out by calling each other our rap names. That puts it out there that we’re tough manly men before the mushy gushy stuff begins. My rap name is top secret. I reserve it only for those times when people need to know how manly I am.

Anyway. Grampa D. is his luvey name. Ode to Grampa: You tease me. I like that. You are the OG of silliness. Thank you for passing along that admirable quality to me. Surely, the world is a better place because of our sillies.

Picture 14-14

More ode: You make my dimples laugh. That’s when you know the silliness has reached its final level – the dimples.

Picture 15-16

The rest of the ode: You let me do crazy and secret things like sit in my toy drawer. No way is that place made for pre kid men, but you break all the rules when it comes to fun. That’s the stuff heros are made of.

Picture 16-18

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Welcome home, myself.

Did you miss me? Me and the fam went on a tall trip to a far away place. But, I’m back now and enough about me. Fun fact: It’s my Grandma’s birthday today. I gave her a couple presents.

1. I made a special grandma birthday t-shirt out of paper.
2. I stood on my tippy toes as much as possible throughout the day. I heard grandmas like that type of thing.
3. I took every opportunity to make large smiley faces.

Picture 18-8

Take this picture for example. I don’t just do normal smiles every time. I try to mix it up. Ya know, keep ’em guessing.

Picture 17-14


For picture’s sake

Well. I don’t have a whole lot of purpose in posting this picture. But, here are some random facts about it.

1. Grandma Vis is far away and she probably misses my cute mug. Here’s to you G-ma!
2. This picture kinda looks like it was taken in the 80’s. I definitely wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I’ve seen my daddy’s baby pictures and he seems to stare off in the distance and then up to the corner just like I am here. I am a versatile baby-man. I can do 00’s and 80’s. Haven’t tried 90’s, but it can’t be that hard.


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1 Grandma + 1 swimming time + Bullfrog sunscreen + baby bald hair + 2 shampooing attempts

= A sticky, unruly new hairdo

Picture 7-15

I’m sorry, was it hard to see my hair in the last picture? Here, let me give you my best GQ thinking pose.

Picture 10-11


A new buddy

Meet Edwardo. He’s my new teddy guy friend. I guess you can say our friendship started right when we both needed it most. Edwardo: He’s a shaggy old teddy guy, locked up in Grandpa and Grandma’s drawer o’ fun. Lonely, I guess you could say. Me: I miss my daddy and my teeth are coming in against my and my daddy’s wishes. We have an understanding. I hug and love him, and in return I get to try out my teeth on his ear.

Picture 14-3

You’re probably thinking, “Whoa Mr. Abel, take it easy, will ya? He’s only a fragile teddy guy.” That’s where you’re mistaken. That’s also where little teddy guys across the decades have been hurt and misunderstood. He’s a toughy and I really don’t want to hear you say that again.

Picture 12-5

Note to self: Work on that fake smile. One must always be ready with a convincing fake smile when one’s mommy busts out the camera.

Picture 4-18

Fake smile scenario #2. Suppose someone asks you if you miss your daddy. If you aren’t in the mood to go into details or simply don’t have the time, simply put on a fake smile and say, “I’m fine.” Fine is a good word because if your friend is a really good listener, he’ll read between the lines and give you a big hug without asking any more questions. But at the same time, any eavesdroppers will have no idea, and you’re home free.

By the way, I did get a hug out of this one.

Picture 15-6