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May I present for you my new motivational presentation – “The Growth of a Smile is the Growth of a Community.” The following pictures are simply the slides that I use when I give my speech in person. Right now I will only give you a quick summary. Between you and me, this presentation has nothing to do with communities. But that title sure does sound impressive so I decided to include it in my studies.

1. Sometimes everyone is trying to make me giggle and/or smile, and I just don’t feel goofy. Communities are like that sometimes.

Picture 85

2. But, I love the people around me, and the luvey in me gives me the energy to give it my best shot. In my experience communities are like that.

Picture 86

3. Then I realize, baby-man Abel, there’s more to smile about than what that little guy shows. Beef it up. So, even though it’s still a little forced, I do give it two times more oomf. Communities have oomf.

Picture 88

4. Before I know what’s happening I have a thunderous giggle rise up from my little pinky piggie *wee wee wee all the way to my laugher. Communities often include piggies.

*Unknown author. This Little Piggie Went to the Market.

Please note my use of sources. This speech is the real deal. If you wish to book me for your next motivational get together, please contact Mommy for scheduling and availability.

Picture 87

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