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Family Vacation

Nine kids + Grampa + Gramma + aunties + uncles + lots of water + yummy snacks + mud + water guns = Fun Run Mun. Folks, you know I only rhyme when I mean it.

Picture 14-17

I know that this picture doesn’t exact portray Fun Run Mun. But let me introduce you to the face entitled “The Boat is Serious Stuff”. Right when you enter the boat there’s padding you need to add to your manfit. There are several purposes for this important article:

1. When you jump into the water or fall off something, it swims you back up to the surface. Very efficient.
2. Often in lake circumstances you encounter strange and dangerous animals that are so big. In such scenarios you want to make yourself look so humungous that you nonverbally communicate “Step off like it ain’t no thing.” But, inside you have so many sad and worried thoughts going through your head and don’t have the energy to puff up. That’s where the boat pads come in handy.
3. When you’re ready to take a nap, you really don’t need to move at all. Simply shut your eyes and your head will remain completely supported in every direction. I’m actually thinking about presenting this in my next nap time board meeting. Imagine the possibilities.

Picture 13-23

After what seemed like a million minutes, I finally convinced Mommy to let me take her on a tube ride. At first she was so nervous that she hung on to my boat pads so tightly. You know what? I know what works for my Mommy, so I started to sing our favorite song. “The Lord told Noah there’s gonna be a floody floody…” Pretty soon I saw her head start to bob and fingers start to snap as she couldn’t help but be made unafraid. I think I need to write this one down in her Mommy book.

Picture 17-28

Pretty soon, she was having so much fun singing and riding. I, on the other hand, prefer knee boarding and daring things like that. Once I knew she was comfortable, I simply laid my head down to take a little nap. You see! I told you those boat pads are going to be revolutionary for nap times!

Picture 15-20

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No, I didn’t go back to Uganda. I’m still home. Sorry for the confusion. I’m behind in my updates. Please be patient with me. I’ve been very busy with baby-man tasks – walking, getting cheerios out of a bowl by myself, going poopie. Ya know.

Picture 21-11

Oh, I didn’t tell you that we brought Jabel Mustice with us? We’re pretty much inseparable.

Picture 19-8

These are the House of Hope kids and me. Finally I met some people who can keep up with me in the dance department! These kids really know how to break it down.

Picture 29-3

Look, I know that I have a mean face on. Try to look beneath the surface. What’s really going on in this picture? Imagine this scenario: I am surrounded by nine new friends and suddenly I see a giant gecko on the camera man’s head. He’s not your ordinary gecko either. Beneath his “cute” exterior I could sense his meanie intentions of biting my friend’s ear. Who would be next? Was he capable of more than biting? All that to say, that intense Abel face is simply the look I have when I’m planning how to save the human race.

Picture 31-3


Where’s Abel?

I know it’s hard to see me in this picture. Let me give you a hint. I’m the one with the green and brown stripes on.

Picture 28-2

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Happy Labor Day, Mommy!

No need to sing me a song, it’s already gone and past. I turned 1, and I did it Ugandan style. This is my Ugandan family at my Ugandan birthday party. I know it looks like I’m trying to escape this picture, but try to give me the benefit of the doubt. What if I was trying to rescue a mommy from stepping on a spike or something. That looks like a “watch out” face if you ask me.

Picture 20-8

Then this is earlier in the birthday when I was making smiley faces for mommy. I think I sensed her reminiscing about my coming-in-to-the-world-day, and I thought I should remind her of how sweet, precious, and lovable I am.

Picture 22-10

Cutie baby-man faces totally outweigh 54 hours of labor, right Mommy?

Picture 24-6

Aaaaaaand I’m helpful too. I’ve pretty much gone with you to every wedding you photographed this year. There aren’t that many baby-men who can say that. I’m willing to go the extra mile. I think it runs in the family, and I’m not just trying to butter you up.

Picture 25-2


Snow baby-man

It’s been a week and I have gone and come back again. Where you ask? Good ol’ Michigan. Since I didn’t document my trip, I figured you might have a hard time believing me. So here’s my proof. Me and Mommy in snow! I know what you’re thinking. What if I just went up to the mountains? How can you really be sure it’s genuine Michigan white stuff? Well, I had a feeling you’d think that so I spent my entire Michigan time asking people to train me on wolverine faces. Only Michigan people can do wolverine faces. Take one look at my mug and try to argue that I haven’t been trained by the best.

Picture 13-9

Michigan people are also the most highly skilled figure skaters. I learned their secret. They practice their formations on the snow before taking them to the ice. If a man is a really muscular and amazing skater-hero then he can bust out formations without his lady partner even knowing. This is actually my first attempt with such a feat. The pros call this formation the “Cheek squishing lovely swan.” Of course Mommy is the lovely swan and my masculinity does the cheek squishing and stuff.

Picture 12-8

I guess first time’s a charm and second time’s a flop. This time I tried the oh-so-serious pose entitled “The weather of my heart” (It’s art. It doesn’t necessarily make sense unless you’re artsy). Well, my lady partner didn’t catch on so quickly this time. Mommy kept asking if I was okay.

Figure skating tip: If your lady partner misses your lead, just hold your pose and the onlooker will think that you were having a moment of creativity captured best by solo improv.

Picture 7-19

Please don’t look at this next picture and think my mommy is mean. Yes, I am shoeless. Yes, it’s antartica outside. Yes, even manly babies need warm piggies. But, worry not. I am double-socked. My new fancy brown shoes were missing in action, so a mommy did what a mommy had to do.

Note to concerned citizens: My shoes are now safely at home. Thank you for your passionate pursuit that brought these little guys back to the only chubby piggies who can truly appreciate them.

Picture 8-18

Pictured here: Falling snow and cold baby face.

Picture 10-15