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Beach like a man

We went to the beach not so long ago. Look – There’s a toughy way and a softy way to do the beach. I have nothing against softies. I have a softy side, but I have control over when to use it and when to leave it in the car. For this particular beach experience, I needed to leave it in the car.

Picture 18-13

When you’re being tough, you have to naturally let sand get all over you. No froofy beach towels are necessary. You don’t even need a bathing suit because your clothes are supposed to get messy and wet in this situation.

Picture 19-14

When you’re tough, please, still take out moments to ponder. It’s very toughy to ponder especially when it has to do with seaweed that you find on the beach. There are many things to think about regarding seaweed-type stuff, and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss that opportunity.

Picture 17-26

Let me show you a close up of my piggies. Normally you would like to have your piggies visible, clean, and smelling like piggies should. Well, at the beach – in a toughy situation that is – make sure they are hardly recognizable, overly dirty, and smelling like beach stuff. Bonus: when you’re a pre-kid man, you don’t usually have any manly leg hair and stuff. Sand all over makes a great substitute! Don’t be afraid to try this out.

Picture 20-12

Oh! I haven’t even mentioned my monkey back pack. Every toughy needs a backpack when you go out-of-doors. You never know when you might need a flashlight, cheerios, a crayon, book, or a rock. Always be prepared.
Picture 21-18

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Guy supplies

Baby women have purses. Baby men have dump trucks. Really they’re the same thing with slightly different functionality. Both purses and dump trucks are made to put stuff in for the purpose of transport. But honestly dump trucks are one thing that make me so happy I’m a baby-man. If I had to carry a purse, I’d have to be pretty, forfeit the dumping capability, and carry instead of drive. Ladies, I have nothing against you or purses. I’m just made for dump trucks, that’s all.

Picture 86-1

Plus, I’ve never seen a purse that can carry something as hefty as Leroy. I have a feeling that if I needed a break from walking, my dump truck could even handle my weight.

Fun Fact: Muscles weigh more than fat. That’s why people who look like me are heavier than people who look like Leroy. Look, I’m not calling Leroy fat. I’m just saying that I’m heavier. So, maybe I’m saying Leroy is fat. Or, maybe I’m saying that I’m extremely muscular. Bottom line, I’m not saying anything. I respect my readers enough to let you draw your own conclusions.

Picture 85-1

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Man stuff

Baby man I might be, but some things still intimidate me. If you’re a lady, you probably think that all men are born knowing how to fix cars. That’s only half true. Most car things really are second nature. For example, changing a tire. No one has ever taught me, but how hard could it be? But, then there’s the harder things like fixing your car’s songs and special noises. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and say that I needed to submit to my daddy’s superior manness on this one.

Picture 7-26

I gotta say, this one was a toughy. Even my daddy had to look around before we found the bottom of the problem. We popped the hood and even looked underneath in the oily and dirty section. Nothing. But, don’t be alarmed, we eventually figured it out, and now my car is singing perfectly again.

That’s one small step for babies, and one giant leap for baby-men.

Picture 2-33

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Happy New Year!

For New Years I went to the mountains to hang out with some friends. That includes Mommy and Daddy, of course, because they’re my numero unos. The best and worst part was the snow. Best because it ended up being a great experience. Worst because I definitely was nervous. Whenever Daddy takes me out to do something daring, I look forward with my look of braveness. But, then I always have the comfort of looking over Daddy’s shoulder to show Mommy the scary feelings I might be feeling.

Picture 10-20

When we actually got to the drop zone, I did my best to look muscular and brave, but I couldn’t hide it and my sad face just burst right on through.

Picture 4-34

Daddy tried to whisper sweet luvies in my ear, but it just didn’t work. I needed a break to take a breather. Thankfully Daddy has the muscles to be able to lift me up and help me rise above the situation.

Picture 5-43

We tried it again, and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. Folks, I definitely recommend snow. Try it out when you get the chance.

Picture 6-37

After only a couple minutes I was feeling like a pro. I took a couple steps, hanging on with only one hand – one hand folks. I think I even pivoted once or twice.

Picture 7-22

Ok, Mommy always has her camera. I used to smile or pretend she wasn’t there, acting natrually. But I’ve progressed. Now, I know how to work the camera. Moody, serious, thoughtful – these are advanced picturing skills. 11 1/2 months of experience is how a baby-man achieves such a professional level.

Picture 8-23

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Tis the Season

October comes around, and you just gotta. That’s what I hear anyway. You gotta do the “smile and look like you accidentally sat in the middle of a perfectly situated pile of pumpkins.”

Picture 6-28

I know, sounds cheesy. I guess that’s why they have you say “cheese” when this whole incident occurs. I make it more manly and cool by singing “Eye of the Tiger.” Duh. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuuuh.

Picture 4-24

When things start to feel too cheesy to be safe, I like to throw in a little surprise. A little boo will go a long way. It makes everyone jump and giggle a bit.

Picture 9-11

Act natural. That’s easier said than done. If anyone ever tells you that, just look down and to the side. It’s much easier to appear natural when you’re not looking directly into the camera.

Picture 10-12

Ugh…I ate too much for dinner. Hehe. Sometimes the cheese wears off when you’re in this situation too long. I apologize.

Picture 14-4

When we were finished cheesing, I helped daddy move the perfectly situated pumpkins. I’d like to say that I lifted this huge pumpkin all by myself, but really I could only carry it for about 20 miles. Then Daddy had to take over. A manly man cannot push his limits.

Picture 12-6

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Strong and Brave

I always make sure Daddy’s holding my hand when we cross the street. You just never know what kind of crazy drivers might be flying by. I call it defensive walking.

Picture 1-28

I really have nothing to say about this picture other than that we’re handsome and strong looking.

Picture 2-24

Yes, it looks like we are falling. And, yes, we did fall over. But as you can see it was a joyous ride on the way down.

Picture 4-23

Sometimes I get embarrassed when Mommy catches these luvey moments between Daddy and I. But, then Daddy debriefs me and helps me realize that only the strongest and bravest men are luvey.

Picture 5-32

I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been out and not had our picture taken. That’s serious moment-capturing.

Picture 6-27

Mommy was trying to hula hoop me. That made me laugh so hard. Who’d ever heard of such a thing!

Picture 8-13

A good ending to every blog post: Mommy and Abel luvey time. Luviness comes naturally to mommies. I think that’s how strong and courageous sons turn into luvey big people. I have a good head start.

Picture 9-10

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